MAINDEC Software Files

This is an archive of the MAINDEC software diagnostics.

Since the diagnostics files are organized by DEC part number, a word about part numbers is probably in order. A DEC part number might look like any of these: maindec-812-pb maindec-08-d01a-pb maindec-08-d01a-b-pb ac-6527d-ma depending on the vintage of the part in question.

The first of these types of part numbers date from the age of the PDP-5, straight-8, 8/S, and the LINC-8. Not many of those are available here, as yet. The "maindec" identifies the product as a diagnostic, the number specified which product, and the "-pb" or similar suffix indicates the type of media (BIN paper tape).

The second of these types of part numbers date from a little later on. The main innovations are that there is now a "family" code, where "08" means the product works on more than one type of PDP-8, and other family codes indicate a specific type of PDP-8 that the product must be used on. There is also a version encoded as the last letter, so that sometimes later versions of essentially the same diagnostic are available.

The third variation splits out the revision. It also allows an extra character to encode the diagnostic's name, allowing for the much larger number of products available by that time.

The last format is after a grand unification of part numbering across digital product lines. The initial "ac" indicates software media related to a diagnostic. The next four characters after the hyphen identify the individual product, followed by the revision. The last two characters identify the terms of the license, where "m" indicates that no license is required, and the CPU type, where "a" is the PDP-8.

It also became common during this time to use "md" instead of "maindec" when referring to the older part numbers.

Instruction Test, part 1
maindec-801-1-pm(RIM image)
maindec-801-1-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-801-1-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
TTY Punch Test
maindec-812-pm(RIM image)
maindec-812-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-812-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
680 Static Test
maindec-825-pb(BIN image)
maindec-825-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-825-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
680 8-Bit Character Exerciser
maindec-826a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-826a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-826a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
680 5-Bit Character Exerciser
maindec-826b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-826b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-826b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
580 System Compiler and Utility Routines
maindec-827-pb(BIN image)
maindec-827-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-827-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 LT08 Teleprinter Test
maindec-828-pb(BIN image)
maindec-828-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-828-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Parity Option Test
maindec-839-pb(BIN image)
maindec-839-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-839-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-J/K Loop Back Test
maindec-ac-6527d-ma.pdf(PDF write-up)
Simple DR8E test program
maindec-dr8ea-pb(BIN image)
maindec-dr8ea-pb.lbl.jpg(Tape label image)
maindec-dr8ea-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-dr8ea.bin(BIN format)
maindec-dr8ea.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-dr8ea.pal(PAL source)

maindec-08: Diagnostics suitable for more than one CPU model.
PDP-8 Instruction Test, part 2A
maindec-08-d01a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d01a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 Instruction Test, part 2A
maindec-08-d01a-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d01a-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d01a-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 Instruction Test 1 (same as 8I-D01C)
maindec-08-d01c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d01c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d01c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 Instruction Test, part 2B
maindec-08-d02b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d02b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d02b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d02b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP Test
maindec-08-d04b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d04b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d04b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d04b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP/JMS Test
maindec-08-d05b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d05b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d05b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d05b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random ISZ Test
maindec-08-d07b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d07b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d07b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d07b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 Instruction Test, part 3A (EAE)
maindec-08-d0aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d0aa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d0aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Memory Address Test (renamed to 08-D1B0)
maindec-08-d11a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d11a-pb1(BIN image #1)
maindec-08-d11a-pb1.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d11a-pb2(BIN image #2)
maindec-08-d11a-pb2.od(BIN image in octal)
Memory Address Test Low (renamed to 08-D1B0)
maindec-08-d11a-pb1.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-d11a-pb1.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-d11a-pb1.pal(PAL source)
Memory Address Test High (renamed to 08-D1B0)
maindec-08-d11a-pb2.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-d11a-pb2.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-d11a-pb2.pal(PAL source)
PDP-8 Memory Power On/Off Test
maindec-08-d1ac-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d1ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1ac-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Memory Address Test (replaces 08-D11A)
maindec-08-d1b0-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
Memory Address Test (Low)
maindec-08-d1b1-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1b1-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d1b1-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-d1b1-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1b1-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
Memory Address Test (High)
maindec-08-d1b2-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-d1b2-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1b2-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
PDP-8, 8/I Extended Memory Checkerboard
maindec-08-d1eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1eb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8, 8/I Extended Memory Checkerboard
maindec-08-d1ec-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d1ec-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1ec-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8, 8/I, 8/S Extended Memory Control Test
maindec-08-d1gb-d.doc(Word write-up)
maindec-08-d1gb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d1gb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1gb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1gb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d1gb.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-d1gb.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-d1gb.pal(PAL source)
PDP-8, 8/I, 8/S Extended Memory Control Test
maindec-08-d1gd-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d1gd-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1gd-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d1gd.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-d1gd.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-d1gd.pal(PAL source)
PDP-8, 8/I Extended Memory Address Test
maindec-08-d1ha-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d1ha-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1ha-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1ha-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KP8I/KR01 Power Fail Test
maindec-08-d1kb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1kb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Basic PDP-8, 8/I Memory Checkerboard
maindec-08-d1l0-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
Basic PDP-8, 8/I Memory Checkerboard (Low)
maindec-08-d1l1-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-d1l1-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1l1-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
Basic PDP-8, 8/I Memory Checkerboard (High)
maindec-08-d1l2-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d1l2-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d1l2-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-d1l2-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d1l2-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
Memory Address Test
maindec-08-d1ma-pb1(BIN image #1)
maindec-08-d1ma-pb1.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d1ma-pb2(BIN image #2)
maindec-08-d1ma-pb2.od(BIN image in octal)
CR03 Card Reader Test
maindec-08-d20h-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d20h-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d20h-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Family of 8 Teletype Tests thru PT08, LT08, or DC02 Interface
maindec-08-d2aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d2aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Family of 8 ASR 33/35 Teletype Tests, Part 1
maindec-08-d2pe-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d2pe-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d2pe-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d2pe-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Family of 8 ASR 33/35 Teletype Tests, Part 2
maindec-08-d2qd-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d2qd-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d2qd-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d2qd-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TC01 Basic Exerciser
maindec-08-d3bc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d3bc-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d3bc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TC01 Extended Memory Exerciser
maindec-08-d3eb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d3eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d3eb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d3eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DECTREX 1 TC01 Random Exerciser
maindec-08-d3ra-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d3ra-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d3ra-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8, 8/I Memory Parity Checkerboard
maindec-08-d4a0-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
RM08 Drum Test
maindec-08-d5aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5aa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32/DF32D Discless Logic Test
maindec-08-d5bb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d5bb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5bb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5bb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32/DF32D Disc Data, Interface, Address, Data Test
maindec-08-d5cc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5cc-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5cc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32/DF32D Disc Data Mini Disk, Interface Address, Data Test
maindec-08-d5cd-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5cd-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5cd-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32/DF32D Disc Data Mini Disk, Interface Address, Data Test
maindec-08-d5ce-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d5ce-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5ce-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32/DF32D Disk Data Minidisk, Interface Address, Data Test
maindec-08-d5cg-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5cg-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-d5cg-sv.htm(Saved web page)
DF32 Multi Disc Exerciser for Master and Slave Units
maindec-08-d5da-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5da-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5da-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32 Multi Disk
maindec-08-d5db-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d5db-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5db-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5db-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RF08 Disk Data (256K)
maindec-08-d5eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5eb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RF08 Multi Disk II (256K)
maindec-08-d5fa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5fa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d5fa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8 Disk Data Reliability Test (RK01 Version)
maindec-08-d5hc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5hc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8 Disk and Control Instruction Test
maindec-08-d5jb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5jb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK08 Disk Formatter
maindec-08-d5kb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d5kb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8 CalComp Plotter Diagnostic
maindec-08-d6cc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d6cc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d6cc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
A/D Calibration Check
maindec-08-d6gc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d6gc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VC8I Display Test 34D
maindec-08-d6kb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d6kb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d6kb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AA05/AA07 Calibration Tape
maindec-08-d6ta-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d6ta-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AA50 D/A Converter Diagnostic
maindec-08-d6wb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d6wb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
680 DCS Expanded Static Test
maindec-08-d71a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
680 DCS Data and Control Test
maindec-08-d72a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d72a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d72a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DK8E Clocks Diagnostic
maindec-08-d8ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Data Test for 636-B Communication Interface
maindec-08-d8ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8ca-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d8ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DP01A IOT+Data Tests (device code 3x)
maindec-08-d8eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8eb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d8eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DP01A Bit Synchronous IOT+Data Test
maindec-08-d8hb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8hb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d8hb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DM01 Exerciser
maindec-08-d8sb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8sb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-d8sb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DM01 Exerciser
maindec-08-d8sc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-d8sc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d8sc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Family of 8 Multi Break Device Exerciser
maindec-08-d9ka-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-d9ka-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DR8-EA 12 Channel Interface on DW8/E Converter
maindec-08-dgdra-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
Extended Memory Control
maindec-08-dgmca-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dgmca-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VT05 Terminal Diagnostic
maindec-08-dgv5a-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dgv5a-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AD8E, AM8E A/D Converter and Multiplexer
maindec-08-dhada-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhada-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhada-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8E Loader/Builder for Cassettes
maindec-08-dhcaa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhcaa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
CR8E/CR8F Card Reader Test
maindec-08-dhcra-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhcra-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhcra-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DH8E Remote Loader Program
maindec-08-dhdhc-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhdhc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhdhc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DH8E Remote Loader Program
maindec-08-dhdhc-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhdhc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhdhc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DK8E Clocks Diagnostic (replaces 8E-D8AC)
maindec-08-dhdka-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhdka-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhdka-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhdka-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DR8-EA 12 Channel Interface
maindec-08-dhdra-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhdra-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhdra-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhdx1-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhdx1-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhdx1-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Adder Tests
maindec-08-dhkaa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkaa-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkaa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random AND Test
maindec-08-dhkab-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkab-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkab-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Memory Checkerboard
maindec-08-dhkac-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkac-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkac-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Memory Address Test
maindec-08-dhkad-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkad-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkad-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Instruction Test No. 1
maindec-08-dhkaf-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkaf-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkaf-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Random TAD Test
maindec-08-dhkag-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkag-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkag-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8E EAE Extended Memory Exerciser
maindec-08-dhkea-a-d.txt(Text write-up)
maindec-08-dhkea-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkea-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkea-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8E EAE Extended Memory Exerciser
maindec-08-dhkea-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkea-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhkea-b-sv.htm(Saved web page)
KE8E EAE Extended Memory Exerciser
maindec-08-dhkea-e-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkea-e-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhkea-e-sv.htm(Saved web page)
KG8-EA Diagnostic
maindec-08-dhkga-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkga-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkga-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-M Modem Control
maindec-08-dhkla-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkla-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-M/E/F DC08-H On-Line Test
maindec-08-dhklb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhklb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-F Async Interface
maindec-08-dhklc-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhklc-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhklc-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-F Async Interface
maindec-08-dhklc-d-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhklc-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhklc-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Async Data Control
maindec-08-dhkld-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkld-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhkld-sv.htm(Saved web page)
PDP-8/E Async Data Control
maindec-08-dhkld-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkld-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkld-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Data
maindec-08-dhkma-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkma-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkma-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Data
maindec-08-dhkma-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkma-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhkma-b-sv(OS/8 save image)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Data
maindec-08-dhkma-c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkma-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkma-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Data
maindec-08-dhkma-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkma-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkma-d-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkma-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Address Test
maindec-08-dhkmc-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkmc-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkmc-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Address Test
maindec-08-dhkmc-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkmc-c-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkmc-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KP8E Power Fail/Auto Restart
maindec-08-dhkpa-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhkpa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkpa-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkpa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E/8L Data Reliability
maindec-08-dhkrc-h-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhkrc-h-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhkrc-h-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LA30 Decwriter Control Exerciser
maindec-08-dhlaa-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhlaa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhlaa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LQP8 Printer Diagnostics
maindec-08-dhlqa-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhlqa-b-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhlqa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhlqa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LS8E Line Printer Test
maindec-08-dhlsa-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-8/E Memory Extension and Timeshare Control
maindec-08-dhmca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhmca-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhmca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Memory Extension and Timeshare Control
maindec-08-dhmca-a1-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-8/E Memory Extension and Timeshare Control
maindec-08-dhmca-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhmca-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhmca-b-sv.htm(Saved web page)
PDP-8/E Extended Memory Parity Test
maindec-08-dhmpa-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PC8-E High Speed Reader/Punch Test
maindec-08-dhpca-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhpca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhpca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PC8-E High Speed Reader/Punch Test
maindec-08-dhpca-b-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhpca-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhpca-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhpca-b.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dhpca-b.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-dhpca-b.pal(PAL source)
RK8E Diskless Control Test
maindec-08-dhrka-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrka-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrka-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Diskless Control Test
maindec-08-dhrka-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrka-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrka-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrka-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Diskless Control Test
maindec-08-dhrka-e-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrka-e-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrka-e-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhrka-e.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dhrka-e.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-dhrka-e.pal(PAL source)
RK8E Drive Control Test
maindec-08-dhrkb-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkb-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkb-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Drive Control Test
maindec-08-dhrkb-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkb-c-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkb-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Drive Control Test
maindec-08-dhrkb-e-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrkb-e-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkb-e-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkb-e-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Drive Control Test
maindec-08-dhrkb-g-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrkb-g-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkb-g-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhrkb-g-sv.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhrkb-g.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dhrkb-g.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
RK8E Data Reliability Test
maindec-08-dhrkc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkc-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Data Reliability Test
maindec-08-dhrkc-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkc-c-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkc-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Data Reliability Test
maindec-08-dhrkc-e-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
RK8E Data Reliability Test
maindec-08-dhrkc-h-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrkc-h-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkc-h-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkc-h-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Formatter
maindec-08-dhrkd-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrkd-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkd-a-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dhrkd-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
RK8E Formatter
maindec-08-dhrkd-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkd-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhrkd-c-sv.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhrkd-c.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dhrkd-c.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
RK8E Formatter
maindec-08-dhrkd-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhrkd-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhrkd-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhrkd-d-sv.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhrkd-d.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dhrkd-d.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
TD8E DECTape Diagnostic Overlay (replaces 8E-D3AB)
maindec-08-dhta-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhta-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TA8E Cassette System
maindec-08-dhtaa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtaa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TA8E Cassette System
maindec-08-dhtaa-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtaa-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TA8E Cassette Reliability
maindec-08-dhtab-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtab-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TD8E/TU56 DECTape Diagnostic
maindec-08-dhtda-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhtda-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtda-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtda-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TD8E/TU56 DECTape Diagnostic
maindec-08-dhtda-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtda-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtda-b-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TD8E/TU56 DECTape Diagnostic
maindec-08-dhtda-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtda-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtda-d.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-dhtda-d.pal(PAL source)
TM8E Control Test Part 1
maindec-08-dhtma-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhtma-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtma-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtma-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TM8E Control Test Part 1
maindec-08-dhtma-b-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhtma-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtma-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TM8E Control Test Part 2
maindec-08-dhtmb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhtmb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtmb-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TM8E Control Test Part 2
maindec-08-dhtmb-b-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhtmb-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmb-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TM8E Drive Function Timer
maindec-08-dhtmc-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhtmc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtmc-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TM8E Data Reliability (9 track)
maindec-08-dhtmd-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhtmd-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmd-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhtmd-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
TM8E Data Reliability (9 track)
maindec-08-dhtmd-b-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dhtmd-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmd-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TM8E Data Reliability (7 track)
maindec-08-dhtme-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtme-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TM8E Random Exerciser
maindec-08-dhtmf-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhtmf-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VC8-E Display Diagnostic
maindec-08-dhvca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhvca-a-pb.lbl.jpg(Tape label image)
maindec-08-dhvca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VT8-E Video Display Test 1
maindec-08-dhvta-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dhvta-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhvta-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dhvtc-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dhvtc-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DB8E Interrupt Buffer Test
maindec-08-didba-a-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-didba-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-didba-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32 Diskless Diagnostic
maindec-08-didfb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-didfb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-didfb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32 Interface Address Disk Data Test
maindec-08-didfc-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-didfc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-didfc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-JA Loopback Test
maindec-08-dikla-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KL8-JA Loopback Test
maindec-08-dikla-c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KL8-JA Teletype Test
maindec-08-diklb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-diklb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-diklb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LA36 Printer Diagnostic
maindec-08-dilab-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dilab-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dilab-d-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-dilab-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LA80 Printer Diagnostic
maindec-08-dilac-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dilac-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LA80 Printer Diagnostic
maindec-08-dilac-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dilac-b-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dilac-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dilac-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dilac-b-sv.htm(Saved web page)
LE8/LP08 Line Printer Test
maindec-08-dilpa-n-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dilpa-n-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dilpa-n-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-diqac-e-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
RX8/RX01 Diagnostic Program
maindec-08-dirxa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dirxa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dirxa-b.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dirxa-b.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
RX8/RX01 Diagnostic Program
maindec-08-dirxa-c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dirxa-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dirxa-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dirxa-c.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dirxa-c.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
RX8/RX01 Diagnostic Program
maindec-08-dirxa-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dirxa-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dirxa-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dirxa-d-sv.htm(Saved web page)
RX8/RX01 Data Reliability
maindec-08-dirxb-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dirxb-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dirxb-c-sv.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dirxb-c.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dirxb-c.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
RX8/RX01 Data Reliability
maindec-08-dirxb-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dirxb-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dirxb-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-dirxb-d.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-dirxb-d.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
TC01 Basic Exerciser
maindec-08-ditca-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-ditca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-ditca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TC58 Random Exerciser
maindec-08-ditcc-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-ditcc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-ditcc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TC58 Instruction Set Test part 1
maindec-08-ditcd-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-ditcd-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-ditcd-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VT20 Host Computer
maindec-08-divtb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-divtb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-divtb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VT20 Acceptance Test
maindec-08-divtc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-divtc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AD8A A/D Converter Multiplexer Diagnostic
maindec-08-djada-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djada-c-pb.lbl.jpg(Tape label image)
maindec-08-djada-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DC8-AA Option Test No. 1
maindec-08-djdka-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-djdka-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djdka-b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-08-djdka-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DC8-AA Option Test No. 1
maindec-08-djdka-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djdka-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DC8-AA Option Test No. 1
maindec-08-djdka-d-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-djdka-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djdka-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/A 2K-32K Exerciser
maindec-08-djexb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-djexb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djexb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djexb-a-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-djexb-a-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
PDP-8/A 4K-32K Exerciser
maindec-08-djexc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djexc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djexc-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
PDP-8/A/VT78 4K-32K Exerciser
maindec-08-djexc-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KK8A CPU Test (no interrupt tests)
maindec-08-djkka-8-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkka-8-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djkka-8-sv.htm(Saved web page)
Patch djkka-c to djkka-8.
maindec-08-djkka-8p.bin(BIN format)
maindec-08-djkka-8p.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-08-djkka-8p.pal(PAL source)
maindec-08-djkka-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-djkka-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkka-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djkka-c-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-djkka-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkka-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/A CPU Test w/Console Package
maindec-08-djkkb-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-djkkb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkkb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djkkb-a-sv.htm(Saved web page)
KL8-A Multiple Serial Line
maindec-08-djkla-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkla-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KL8-A Multiple Serial Line
maindec-08-djkla-d-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-djkla-d-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkla-d-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KM8-A Option Test No. 2
maindec-08-djkma-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-djkma-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkma-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KM8-A Option Test No. 2
maindec-08-djkma-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KM8-A Option Test No. 2
maindec-08-djkma-c-bn.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-djkma-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djkma-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
MS8-A 1K-4K MOS Memory Test
maindec-08-djmsa-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-djmsa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-djmsa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-08-djmsa-a-pm(RIM image)
maindec-08-djmsa-a-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
VT78 MOS Memory Test
maindec-08-dkvta-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-08-dkvta-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-08-dkvta-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-08-dkvta-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VT78 CPU Diagnostic
maindec-08-dkvtb-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-12: Diagnostics unique to the PDP-12.
PDP-12 CP Test 2
maindec-12-d0ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 CP Test 2
maindec-12-d0ab-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Instruction Test part 1
maindec-12-d0ba-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ba-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 CP Test 3
maindec-12-d0ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 CP Test 3
maindec-12-d0cb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-12-d0cb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0cb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Quickie
maindec-12-d0ga-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ga-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-12-d0ga-pm(RIM image)
maindec-12-d0ga-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Quickie
maindec-12-d0ga-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
FPP-12 Trace
maindec-12-d0lc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0lc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
FPP-12 Instruction Test 2A
maindec-12-d0mc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0mc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
FPP-12 Instruction Test 2B
maindec-12-d0nb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0nb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KF12B Auto Priority Interrupt
maindec-12-d0sa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0sa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KF12B Auto Priority Interrupt
maindec-12-d0sa-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
FPP-12 Trace EPM Version
maindec-12-d0ta-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ta-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-12-d0ta-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
FPP-12 Instruction Test 3 EPM Version
maindec-12-d0ua-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d0ua-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Extended Memory Control
maindec-12-d1ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Extended Memory Control
maindec-12-d1ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Extended Memory Control
maindec-12-d1ac-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
JMP Self
maindec-12-d1ba-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-12-d1ba-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1ba-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Address Test
maindec-12-d1ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PFP-12 Checkerboard
maindec-12-d1da-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1da-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PFP-12 Checkerboard
maindec-12-d1da-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
Float 1's and 0's Through Memory
maindec-12-d1ea-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1ea-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Float 1's and 0's Through Memory
maindec-12-d1ea-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Basic Memory Control Test
maindec-12-d1fa-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-12-d1fa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d1fa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Control Test
maindec-12-d3ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Control Test part 1 of 2
maindec-12-d3ad-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Tape Control Test part 1 of 2
maindec-12-d3ae-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3ae-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Data Exerciser
maindec-12-d3db-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3db-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Data Exerciser
maindec-12-d3db-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
TC12-F Option Test
maindec-12-d3eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Data Test
maindec-12-d3fb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3fb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Data Test
maindec-12-d3fb-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Tape Control Test part 2 of 2
maindec-12-d3ga-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d3ga-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Tape Control Test part 2 of 2
maindec-12-d3ga-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
VR12 Display Test
maindec-12-d6ba-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d6ba-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VR12 Display Test
maindec-12-d6ba-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
VR14/VR20 Display Test
maindec-12-d6bc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d6bc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
VR14/VR20 Display Test
maindec-12-d6bc-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
A to D Test
maindec-12-d6cb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d6cb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
A to D Test
maindec-12-d6cc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d6cc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
A to D Test
maindec-12-d6cc-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 System Exerciser
maindec-12-d7cd-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Relay Register Test
maindec-12-d8ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d8ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Relay Register Test
maindec-12-d8ab-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KW12 Clock Test for Units w/o ECO #55
maindec-12-d8ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d8ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KW12 Clock Test for Units w/o ECO #55
maindec-12-d8ca-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KW12A Clock Test
maindec-12-d8cc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-d8cc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KW12A Clock Test
maindec-12-d8cc-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KW12A Clock Test
maindec-12-d8cd-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 Operating Procedure
maindec-12-d9ca-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
PDP-12 System Exerciser (replaces 12-D7CD)
maindec-12-daexa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-daexa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Exerciser
maindec-12-dafpa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-dafpa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-12 Exerciser
maindec-12-dafpa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-dafpa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
FPP-12 Instruction Test 2C
maindec-12-dafpb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-dafpb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
FPP-12 Address Test
maindec-12-dafpc-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-dafpc-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
BM812-I Memory Test
maindec-12-damca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-12-damca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e: Diagnostics unique to the PDP-8/E/F/M.
PDP-8/E Instruction Test 1
maindec-8e-d0aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0aa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Instruction Test 1
maindec-8e-d0ab-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ab-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Instruction Test 2
maindec-8e-d0ba-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ba-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ba-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Instruction Test 2
maindec-8e-d0bb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0bb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0bb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0bb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
8E Adder Test
maindec-8e-d0ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ca-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
8E Adder Test
maindec-8e-d0cc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0cc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0cc-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0cc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random AND Test
maindec-8e-d0da-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0da-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0da-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random AND Test
maindec-8e-d0db-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0db-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0db-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0db-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random TAD Test
maindec-8e-d0ea-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ea-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ea-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random TAD Test
maindec-8e-d0eb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0eb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0eb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0eb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random ISZ Test
maindec-8e-d0fa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0fa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0fa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random ISZ Test
maindec-8e-d0fc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0fc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0fc-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0fc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random DCA Test
maindec-8e-d0ga-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ga-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ga-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random DCA Test
maindec-8e-d0gc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0gc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0gc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP Test
maindec-8e-d0ha-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ha-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ha-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP Test
maindec-8e-d0hc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0hc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0hc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Basic JMP-JMS Test
maindec-8e-d0ia-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ia-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ia-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Basic JMP-JMS Test
maindec-8e-d0ib-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0ib-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ib-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP-JMS Test
maindec-8e-d0ja-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0ja-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ja-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ja-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Random JMP-JMS Test
maindec-8e-d0jc-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d0jc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0jc-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0jc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8-E (EAE) Instruction Test 1
maindec-8e-d0la-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0la-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0la-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8-E (EAE) Instruction Test 1
maindec-8e-d0lb-d.txt(Text write-up)
maindec-8e-d0lb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0lb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0lb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8-E (EAE) Instruction Test 2 Multiply and Divide
maindec-8e-d0ma-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0ma-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0ma-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KE8-E (EAE) Instruction Test 2 Multiply and Divide
maindec-8e-d0mb-d.txt(Text write-up)
maindec-8e-d0mb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d0mb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d0mb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
MM8E 4K Memory Checkerboard
maindec-8e-d1aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1aa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
MM8E 4K Memory Checkerboard
maindec-8e-d1ab-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KM8E 4K Extended Memory Checkerboard
maindec-8e-d1bb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1bb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1bb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KM8E 4K Extended Memory Checkerboard
maindec-8e-d1bc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1bc-pb.lbl.jpg(Tape label image)
maindec-8e-d1bc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
Memory Address Test
maindec-8e-d1ea-pm(RIM image)
maindec-8e-d1ea-pm.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1ea-pm.od(RIM image in octal)
Memory Address Test
maindec-8e-d1ec-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d1ec-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1ec-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1ec-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP8E Extended Memory Address Test
maindec-8e-d1fa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1fa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1fa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP8E Extended Memory Address Test
maindec-8e-d1fb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d1fb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1fb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1fb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP8E Memory Power On/Off Test
maindec-8e-d1ga-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1ga-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1ga-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP8E Memory Power On/Off Test
maindec-8e-d1gb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d1gb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1gb-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1gb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e-d1gb.bin(BIN format)
maindec-8e-d1gb.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
maindec-8e-d1gb.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-8e-d1gb.pal(PAL source)
PDP8E Memory Extension and Time Share Control Test
maindec-8e-d1ha-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d1ha-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d1ha-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d1ha-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e-d1ha.bin(BIN format)
maindec-8e-d1ha.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
PDP8E Memory Extension and Time Share Control Test
maindec-8e-d1hb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
MI8-E Bootstrap Diagnostic (Low, High)
maindec-8e-d1ib-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d1ib-pb1(BIN image #1)
maindec-8e-d1ib-pb1.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e-d1ib-pb2(BIN image #2)
maindec-8e-d1ib-pb2.od(BIN image in octal)
MR8-E Read Only Memory Test (Low, High)
maindec-8e-d1jb-pb1(BIN image #1)
maindec-8e-d1jb-pb1.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e-d1jb-pb2(BIN image #2)
maindec-8e-d1jb-pb2.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Teletype Control Test
maindec-8e-d2aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d2aa-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8e-d2aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Teletype and KL8 Asynchronous Data Control Tests
maindec-8e-d2ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d2ab-pb.lbl.jpg(Tape label image)
maindec-8e-d2ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/E Teletype and KL8 Asynchronous Data Control Tests
maindec-8e-d2ab-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
High Speed Reader/Punch Tests
maindec-8e-d2ca-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d2ca-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DecWriter (LA30) Control/Exerciser Test
maindec-8e-d2fb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d2fb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
TD8-E DECTape Diagnostic
maindec-8e-d3aa-pb1(BIN image #1)
maindec-8e-d3aa-pb1.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8e-d3aa-pb2(BIN image #2)
maindec-8e-d3aa-pb2.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP8E XY8-E Plotter Control and Display Diagnostic Program
maindec-8e-d6ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d6ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AD8E/AM8E A-D Converter and Multiplexer Diagnostic
maindec-8e-d6bb-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
VC8-E Display Diagnostic
maindec-8e-d6ca-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DK8E Clocks Diagnostic
maindec-8e-d8ab-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DK8E Clocks Diagnostic (renamed to 08-DHDKA-A)
maindec-8e-d8ac-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8e-d8ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8e-d8ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8i: Diagnostics suitable only for the PDP-8/I.
PDP-8/I Instruction Test 1
maindec-8i-d01b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d01b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d01b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8i-d01b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/I Instruction Test 1
maindec-8i-d01c-d.doc(Word write-up)
maindec-8i-d01c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d01c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d01c-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8i-d01c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8i-d01c.bin(BIN format)
maindec-8i-d01c.lst(PAL listing)
maindec-8i-d01c.pal(PAL source)
PDP-8/I Instruction Test 2
maindec-8i-d02b-d.doc(Word write-up)
maindec-8i-d02b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d02b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d02b-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8i-d02b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/I Instruction Test - Part 3A
maindec-8i-d0aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d0aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/I Instruction Test - Part 3B
maindec-8i-d0ba-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d0ba-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d0ba-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8i-d0ba-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
LE8/LP08 Line Printer Test
maindec-8i-d2ac-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d2ac-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32 Discless Logic Test, MiniDisc
maindec-8i-d5bb-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d5bb-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d5bb-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DF32D Discless Logic Test, MiniDisc
maindec-8i-d5fa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d5fa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
AX08 Diagnostic
maindec-8i-d6ab-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
KV8I Display Diagnostic
maindec-8i-d6ce-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8i-d6ce-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d6ce-pb.lbl(Tape label)
maindec-8i-d6ce-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
KW8I Real Time CLock
maindec-8i-d8ae-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8i-d8ae-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-8l: Diagnostics suitable only for the PDP-8/L.
8L Memory Protect Test
maindec-8l-d0aa-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-8l-d0aa-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8l-d0aa-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
8L Memory Protect Test
maindec-8l-d0ab-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8l-d0ab-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/L Extended Memory Control Test
maindec-8l-d1gc-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8l-d1gc-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
PDP-8/L Extended Memory Control Test (12K)
maindec-8l-d1ha-pb(BIN image)
maindec-8l-d1ha-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-x8: Diagnostics suitable for the X8.
DEC/X8 Module "TC12LT" TC12 LINCTape Exerciser
maindec-x8-ddtca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-ddtca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
maindec-x8-dhkea-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhkea-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 RK8 EDS Module
maindec-x8-dhrka-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhrka-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 TA8-E Cassette System
maindec-x8-dhtaa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhtaa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 DECtape System
maindec-x8-dhtda-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhtda-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 TM8-E Magtape
maindec-x8-dhtma-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhtma-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 VT8-E Display
maindec-x8-dhvca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhvca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 VT8-E Display Exerciser
maindec-x8-dhvta-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dhvta-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 DC02 Module
maindec-x8-didca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-didca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 DC08A Module
maindec-x8-didcb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-didcb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "DF32DS" DF32/DF32D DECDisk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-didfa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-didfa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "TIMERA" Real Time Clock Elapsed Time Reporter, Job Dead Checker, and Rotation Randomizer
maindec-x8-didka-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-didka-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "FPP12"
maindec-x8-difpa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-difpa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "MRI08A" Memory Reference Instruction Test
maindec-x8-dikaa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikaa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "DF32DS" DF32/DF32D DECDisk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-dikab-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikab-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "OPERATE" Operate Instruction Test
maindec-x8-dikac-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dikac-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikac-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "DF32DS" DF32/DF32D DECDisk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-dikad-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dikad-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikad-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "EAEALL" EAE Exerciser of MUY, DVI, SHL, LSR and NMI Instructions
maindec-x8-dikea-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dikea-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikea-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 KL8, PT08 TTY Exerciser
maindec-x8-dikla-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dikla-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dikla-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 KL8E/F/J Exerciser
maindec-x8-diklb-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DEC/X8 KL8A Exerciser
maindec-x8-diklc-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DEC/X8 Module "PRINTER" Printer Exerciser
maindec-x8-dilpa-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dilpa-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Typesetting Exerciser
maindec-x8-dipaa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dipaa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "HSRHSP" High Speed Reader/Punch Exerciser
maindec-x8-dipca-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dipca-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 User's Guide Monitor/Builder
maindec-x8-diqab-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-diqab-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 User's Guide Monitor/Builder
maindec-x8-diqab-d-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DEC/X8 Software Module Index
maindec-x8-diqaf-j-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
DEC/X8 Module "RF08DS" RF08 Disk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-dirfa-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dirfa-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dirfa-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "RK8DS" RK8 Disk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-dirka-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dirka-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dirka-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "TC01DT" TC01/TC08 DECTape Exerciser
maindec-x8-ditca-b-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-ditca-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-ditca-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "TC58MT" TC58 DECMagtape Exerciser
maindec-x8-ditcb-a-dg.htm(Saved web page)
maindec-x8-ditcb-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-ditcb-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "DF32DS" DF32/DF32D DECDisk System Exerciser
maindec-x8-ditcb-b-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-ditcb-b-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "TC58MT" TC58 DECMagtape Exerciser
maindec-x8-ditcb-c-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-ditcb-c-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-ditcb-c-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "PLOTTER" Incremental Plotter Exerciser
maindec-x8-dixya-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)
maindec-x8-dixya-a-pb(BIN image)
maindec-x8-dixya-a-pb.od(BIN image in octal)
DEC/X8 Module "FPP8-A" FPP8-A Exerciser
maindec-x8-djfpa-a-d.pdf(PDF write-up)

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