Stonehenge WWII memorial overlooking the gorge

Stonehenge close-up

Rebecca & Jeanne in front of Stonehenge, to give idea of size

Rebecca & Jeanne near plaque

explanation plaque

The view from inside w/ the river in background below

Looking over the edge down to the farms & river below

Looking east to the wind farm

Rebecca at the edge, the path leads to a lower ledge

looking back up at Stonehenge from the path

the crypt of Sam Hill on the lower ledge overlooking the gorge/river

the view from Stonehenge

the WWII memorial wall near Stonehenge

Maryhill museum sign

one of the chess sets in the museum

part of the extensive collection of chess sets

Rebecca studies a statue by Rodin

Theater de la Mode exhibit

Theater de la Mode exhibit

Theater de la Mode exhibit

Theater de la Mode exhibit

Theater de la Mode exhibit

display case showing parts from the Theater collection & explaining how they were assembled

example from the graphic novel exhibit

interesting statue in the statue garden of Maryhill

Jeanne walking Luna on the extensive grounds of the museum

approaching Multnomah Falls in the gorge

Multnomah Falls

A nice view of both falls at Multnomah Falls

Luna on her perch at the living room window

Another view, she has no problem sitting on this narrow chair top

Got her attention away from outside briefly

best pic I got of the deer in our backyard.

Rebecca in her Alice dress for Halloween, no wig

Rebecca in her Alice costume for Halloween, wearing wig

Rebecca and her friends at Halloween party

Rebecca about 1 week after she had the front of her hair dyed red

Side view of Rebecca's dyed hair