Very far off view of the whole diorama (587x265)

Far off view of whole left side (614x393)

Far off view of whole right side (608x390)

Singing around the campfire (501x324)

Picking pumpkins w/ the witch and Japanese Skipper (300x405)

Playing Battleship; & the Mermaids (500x385)

Jester on the hay bale; + Mermaids and gazebo (438x389)

Main gazebo scene with trick-or-treaters (551x368)

Looking down on the gazebo area (600x405)

3 li'l pumpkins toting pumpkins in wheelbarrow (423x327)

Bobbing for apples (501x301)

Ballerina dancing in the leaves (350x351)

Gymnast on ladder (275x492)

Ken making goo-goo eyes (450x383)

Food table, + Ken making goo-goo eyes (450x355)

Fireman Tommy and food area (428x381)

Hay bale area (425x350)

Shelly sitting in the leaves that Barbie & Ken are raking (440x373)