Journey sees Mt Hood down Jeanne's street (282x301)

Journey checks out Jeanne's yard and gazebo (371x450)

Journey gets a "guest shot" on the soap opera (594x332)

Journey at Trillium Lake, Mt Hood background, silhouette (411x527)

Journey at Trillium Lake, Mt Hood background (424x442)

Journey visits Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood, front view (355x500)

Journey visits Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, side view (421x491)

Behind the lodge, Mt Hood looms (382x500)

Above timberline on Mt Hood (542x414)

From Mt Hood, the view for hundreds of miles (500x378)

Above Timberline Lodge, long range views (432x463)

Map of Mt Hood, south side, Timberline Lodge area (600x450)

Hood River valley, Rasmussen Farm, orchards/produce (476x373)

View of Hood River valley from Panorama Point (536x380)

Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River gorge (362x462)

Multnomah Lodge in the Columbia River gorge (500x356)

Multnomah Falls, upper and lower falls + bridge (341x500)

Multnomah Falls, upper falls + bridge (361x500)

On bridge at Multnomah Falls, feel the water spray (500x357)

Looking up at Multnomah Falls from path above bridge (330x500)

View from bridge out into the Columbia River gorge (500x337)

Visiting Portland's magnificent Rose Garden (477x381)

More roses in the wonderful Portland Rose Garden (500x332)

One of Jeanne's favorite roses, Playboy; *It just glows* (500x359)

What a Peaceful place; acres of roses overlooking Portland (500x403)

View from the Rose Garden, Portland's skyline + Mt Hood (546x237)

A little autumn color in the Rose Garden park (501x326)

Jeanne's hydrangea's in full bloom (500x384)

That wonderful tie-dyed FA (278x517)

Close-up of the tie-dye FA; Peace! (313x500)

The end of Journey's stay in Oregon. *Peace-full* (499x308)