These bags are miniature tributes to each designer, made by La Boutique for dolls.

Many thanks to La Boutique and Fi (KiwiFi) for all their help with this database. Also my thanks to Terri, Joy M., and Wendy for helping to fill in the gaps.


June 2005 Lulu Guinness tote

July 2005 Christian Dior pink quilted purse

Aug 2005 Hermes Birkin bag

Sept 2005 Gucci handbag

Oct 2005 Enid Collins Flower Basket purse

Nov 2005 Marc Jacobs blue Pocket purse

Dec 2005 Judith Lieber heart purse

Jan 2006 Wish Month Choices (4 of 7 shown)

Feb 2006 Bonnie Cashin Hero bag

March 2006 Trussardi tote bag

April 2006 Enid Collins Copycats box purse

May 2006 Weiner Werkstatte Art Deco purse

June 2006 Jimmy Choo Circle bag

July 2006 Louis Vuitton Speedy Fringe bag

Aug 2006 Gucci Flora purse

Sept 2006 Chanel Shopper tote and wallet

Oct 2006 Fendi Fun Fur purse

Nov 2006 Moschino Dolls House purse

Dec 2006 La Boutique Original Moc Croc Overnight case

Jan 2007 Balenciaga City bag

Feb 2007 La Boutique Original Valentines purse

March 2007 Pucci Mod purse

April 2007 Juicy Couture tote

May 2007 Ralph Lauren Zebra bag

June 2007 Louis Vuitton Classic purse

July 2007 Hermes Birkin (encore) kiwi or raspberry bags

Aug 2007 Collection Internationale LB Signature Logo bag

Aug 2007 Collection Internationale Pocket, Classic, and Caren bags

Aug 2007 La Boutique Original beach tote

Sept 2007 Marie Antoinette Saddle bag

Oct 2007 Chanel Cigar bag

Nov 2007 YSL Boheme fringe bag

Dec 2007 Louis Vuitton Recreation bag

Jan 2008 Marc Jacobs pink Pocket purse

Feb 2008 Enid Collins Owl and Pussycat box purse

March 2008 Dior red and black logo purse

April 2008 Isabella Fiore Flower purse

May 2008 Burberry Cachet purse

June 2008 Coach Floral tote and wallet

July 2008 Hermes Constance bag

Aug 2008 Prada Cylinder bag (blue)

Sept 2008 Louis Vuitton Priscilla bag

Oct 2008 Lulu Guinness Scotty tote

Nov 2008 Fendi Spy bags

Dec 2008 Gucci Boston bag

Jan 2009 Jimmy Choo handbag

Feb 2009 Balenciaga handbags

March 2009 Chanel quilted bags

April 2009 Dooney and Bourke purses

May 2009 Coach Braid and Tassel bags

June 2009 Juicy Couture Daydreamer bags

July 2009 Ralph Lauren Ricky bags

Aug 2009 Lady Dior quilted purses

Sept 2009 Pucci Treasure Box bag

Oct 2009 YSL La Parisienne purses

Nov 2009 Burberry Haymarket Satchel bags

Dec 2009 Chanel Classic Quilted Box bags

Dec 2009 Chanel tote

Jan 2010 Prada Fairy bags

Feb 2010 Christobel Lores Original Art Deco bag (orange)

Feb 2010 Christobel Lores Original Art Deco bag (lime)

Feb 2010 Cristobel Lores tote set

March 2010 Givenchy Sling bags

April 2010 Coach Bumblebee bag

May 2010 Hermes Jean Paul Gautier bags

June 2010 Mary Frances Happy bag and YSL Fringe bag

July 2010 LV Speedy and Papillon bags

Aug 2010 Michael Kors Buckle bag

Sept 2010 Chanel Quilted Logo bags

Oct 2010 Dolce and Gabbana suede bag (var. 1)

Oct 2010 Dolce and Gabbana suede bag (var. 2)

Nov 2010 Valentino Rose purses

Dec 2010 Christian Dior Gambler bags

Dec 2010 Dior name tote

Jan 2011 Vera Bradley Alice bag

Jan 2011 Vera Bradley floral tote

Feb 2011 Betsey Johnson Bow bag

Feb 2011 Lulu Guinness Cat tote

March 2011 LV Manhattan bag and Alma bag

March 2011 LV logo tote set

April 2011 Jimmy Choo Ramona bags

May 2011 Anne Klein Doctors bags

May 2011 Anne Klein Doctors bags and Lions Head tote

June 2011 Pucci Roll bags

July 2011 Hermes Kelly Reptile bag (caramel)

July 2011 Hermes Kelly Reptile bag (jungle)

Aug 2011 Marc Jacobs 7 Tassels bag (lemon yellow)

Aug 2011 Marc Jacobs 7 Tassels bag (baby blue)

Sep 2011 Gucci Messenger and Bowler bags

Sep 2011 Gucci Reptile tote set

Oct 2011 Coach logo bags

Nov 2011 Dolce and Gabbana bags

Dec 2011 Chanel Caviar bags

Dec 2011 Chanel Holiday tote set

Feb 2012 YSL Bow bags

Feb 2012 YSL Valentine tote set

March 2012 Ralph Lauren Ricky bags

April 2012 Valentino Rose Petal and Flower bags

May 2012 LV Speedy bag and Handbag

May 2012 LV denim tote set

June 2012 Twiggy bags

June 2012 Twiggy tote set

July 2012 Mary Frances nautical theme purses

July 2012 nautical tote set

Aug 2012 Guess 50s-Inspired bags

Sept 2012 Fendi Zucca bag and Boxer bag

Sept 2012 Fendi tote set

Oct 2012 Marc Jacobs Bird bag and 1960s Kit Kat bag

Oct 2012 Marc Jacobs tote set

Nov 2012 Burberry Tassel and Buckle bags

Nov 2012 Burberry Duffle tote set

Dec 2012 Gucci Horse Bit and Chain bags

Dec 2012 Gucci cranberry tote set

Jan 2013 Coach tropical and white bags

Jan 2013 red, white, and blue beach tote set

Feb 2013 Chanel Houndstooth and Charm bags

Feb 2013 Chanel pink and black tote set

March 2013 Balenciaga Scooter bags

March 2013 That Doll tote set

April 2013 Juicy Couture Bow bags

April 2013 Juicy Couture tote set

May 2013 Dior Logo Saddle bags

May 2013 Dior tote set

June 2013 Givenchy Case bag or Logo bag

June 2013 Givenchy tote set

July 2013 Valentino Fleurs Frame handbags

July 2013 Valentino tote set

Aug 2013 Mondrian and Moschino Smiley bags

Aug 2013 Mod tote set

Sept 2013 Hermes fringe bags

Sept 2013 Hermes running horse tote set

Oct 2013 Enid Collins Owl Pussycat and Alexander McQueen Runway bags

Oct 2013 Jason Wu Cat tote set

Nov 2013 Anne Klein City bags

Nov 2013 Anne Klein tote set

Dec 2013 LV Cherry Sac Retro and Bowler bags

Dec 2013 LV Christmas tote set

Jan 2014 Ferragamo Piped purses

Jan 2014 Jackie O. tote set

Jan 2014 Calypso tote set

Feb 2014 Chanel Valentine handbags

Feb 2014 Chanel Valentine tote set

March 2014 Versace Bucket bags

March 2014 Versace Medusa Head tote

April 2014 Tory Burch sweet and petite bags

April 2014 Tory Burch tote set

May 2014 Coach Logo bags

May 2014 Coach tote set

June 2014 YSL Luxembourg bags

June 2014 YSL tote set

July 2014 Lulu Guinness Scalloped bags

July 2014 60s Summer tote set

Aug 2014 Fendi Big Buckle bags

Aug 2014 Fendi tote set

Sept 2014 Burberry Manor House Satchel bags

Sept 2014 Burberry Knight tote set

Oct 2014 Chanel British Flag and LV Stephen Sprouse bags

Oct 2014 Beatles tote set

Nov 2014 Hermes Sako bags

Nov 2014 Hermes tote set

Dec 2014 Yves St Laurent Chain Tassel Christmas bags

Dec 2014 Yves St Laurent Christmas tote set

Jan 2015 Versace Case bags

Jan 2015 tropical tote set

Feb 2015 Chanel Heart purses

Feb 2015 Chanel tote set

March 2015 Coach Graphic and Double Buckle bags

March 2015 Coach tote set

April 2015 Dior Floral bags

April 2015 Dior Lacy tote set

May 2015 Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau bags

May 2015 Kate Spade tote set

June 2015 Valentino Crystal Floral bags

July 2015 Gucci Flora bags

July 2015 Gucci Flora tote set

Aug 2015 Michael Kors Eyelet bags

Aug 2015 Michael Kors tote sets

Sept 2015 Celine bags

Sept 2015 Celine tote set

Oct 2015 Hermes Halloween tote set

Nov 2015 Lulu Guinness bags

Nov 2015 Lulu Guinness Library tote set

November 2015 Special Chanel Totes

Dec 2015 Chanel Classic and Party bags

Dec 2015 Chanel tote set

Dec 2015 Chanel Oversize Shopper bag

Jan 2016 Jimmy Choo Tulita bags

Jan 2016 Island tote set

Feb 2016 LV Cherry Blossom bags

Feb 2016 LV Cherry Blossom tote set

March 2016 Ralph Lauren Doctors and Ricky bags

March 2016 Ralph Lauren tote set

April 2016 Kate Spade Cats Meow and Frye Heidi fringe bags

April 2016 mod tote set

May 2016 Chanel Nautical Charm bags

May 2016 Chanel nautical tote set

June 2016 Gucci Flap bag and Bow bag

June 2016 Gucci tote set

July 2016 Versace Black Stud bag and Taupe Speedy bag

July 2016 Versace tote set

Aug 2016 Vera Bradley Disney Bucket and Coach Swagger Satchel bags

Aug 2016 Vera Bradley Disney tote set

Sept 2016 Dolce and Gabbana Classic handbags

Sept 2016 Dolce and Gabbana tote set

Oct 2016 Fendi Peekaboo Monster and Fendi Bug-eyed Monster bags

Oct 2016 Fendi Red Riding Hood tote set

Nov 2016 Valentino Rock Stud and Shoulder bags

Nov 2016 Valentino tote set

December 2016 Jimmy Choo Holiday Tulita bags

December 2016 Jimmy Choo tote set

December 2016 Jimmy Choo Oversize Holiday Shopper bag

Jan 2017 Louis Vuitton Watercolor Beverly and Speedy bags

Jan 2017 Louis Vuitton tote set

Feb 2017 Pucci Tribute Box and Logo Charm bags

Feb 2017 Pucci tote set

March 2017 Kate Spade Swan purses

March 2017 Kate Spade tote set

April 2017 MIchael Kors Ava bag and Prada Bling bag

April 2017 Denim tote set

May 2017 Dior Detective bag and Dior Logo bag

May 2017 Dior tote set

June 2017 Hermes Kelly and Cross Body Mini purse set

June 2017 Hermes tote set

Aug 2017 Alexander McQueen and Anne Klein bags

Aug 2017 Anne Klein tote set

Sept 2017 Burberry Slender Bowlers

Sept 2017 Burberry tote set

Oct 2017 LV Jeff Koons Masters bags

Oct 2017 LV Jeff Koons Masters tote

Nov 2017 Kate Spade tote

Dec 2017 Chanel Caviar and Vintage Style Logo bags

Dec 2017 Chanel velvet tote set

Dec 2017 Chanel Holiday Shopper set

Dec 2017 Buffalo Plaid Gift tote set

Feb 2018 Coach Willis bags

Feb 2018 Coach tote set

March 2018 J'A Dior Tribute bags

March 2018 Dior tote set

April 2018 Kate Spade Hop To It Bunny bag and Rebecca Minkoff Tassel bag

April 2018 Kate Spade tote set

May 2018 Gucci Bird Supreme bag and Gucci Flora Slender Bowler

May 2018 Gucci Spring tote set

July 2018 Juicy Couture tribute bags

July 2018 Juicy Couture tote set

August 2018 Valentino Braid bag and Versace Fringe bag

August 2018 Southwestern tote set

Sept 2018 LV City Steamer bag and LV Celine mini bag

Sept 2018 Plaid LV tote set

Oct 2018 Fendi Stripe bag and Whip-Stitch bag

Oct 2018 Emma Peele Tribute tote set

Oct 2018 Mary Quant Tribute tote set

Nov 2018 Prada Lion's Head bags

Nov 2018 Prada Shopper and Pashima Shawl tote set

Nov 2018 Prada tote set

Dec 2018 Chanel Gold handbags

Dec 2018 Buffalo Plaid tote set re-issue with new options

Dec 2018 Chanel Camellia tote set

Dec 2018 Chanel Faux Leather tote set

Dec 2018 Pink Buffalo Plaid tote set

Jan 2019 Coach Petite tote set

Jan 2019 Coach Backpack

Feb 2019 Vera Wang Simply Vera purse and Batwing bag

Feb 2019 Vera Wang Lovestruck tote set

Feb 2019 Vera Wang Truly Pink tote set

March 2019 Ralph Lauren Shoppers tote sets

March 2019 Ralph Lauren tote set

April 2019 Hermes Birken bags

April 2019 Hermes Floral tote set

April 2019 Hermes Taupe Linen tote set

May 2019 YSL Bandana tote set

May 2019 YSL Button tote set

June 2019 Tory Burch Logo bag and Hedgehog bag

June 2019 Tory Burch Boho tote set

June 2019 Tory Burch Classic Style Hedgehog tote set

June 2019 Tory Burch Duffle bag

July 2019 Donna Karan Matte Pink tote set

July 2019 Donna Karan Metallic Pink tote set

Aug 2019 1969 Gucci bag and Buckskin Beaded Fringe bag

Aug 2019 Gucci tote set

Aug 2019 Woodstock tote set

Sept 2019 Chanel Mitered tote set

Sept 2019 Chanel Satin and Tweed tote set

Oct 2019 LV Doctor's bag and LV Kimono bag

Oct 2019 LV Petite Logo tote set

Oct 2019 LV Roses Shopper tote set

Oct 2019 Mouse tote set

Oct 2019 Mouse Backpack

Nov 2019 Fendi Classic tote set

Nov 2019 Fendi Contemporary tote set

Dec 2019 Dior Black Quilted and Gold Beaded handbags

Dec 2019 Dior Shopping tote set

Jan 2020 Chanel Camellia Flap bags

Jan 2020 Chanel tote set

Jan 2020 Chanel tote set with alternate World Scarf

Jan 2020 Chanel Window tote set

Feb 2020 Kate Spade Fox bag and Beantown Quinn Herringbone bag

Feb 2020 Kate Spade Crazy Like a Fox tote set

Feb 2020 Kate Spade Herringbone tote set and Pocket Fox tote set

April 2020 Givenchy Resort bag and Classic Logo bag

April 2020 Givenchy Satchel tote set

April 2020 Givenchy tote set

May 2020 Pierre Cardin Retro bag and Speedy bag

May 2020 Pierre Cardin Logo tote sets

June 2020 Donna Karan Bucket tote set

June 2020 Donna Karan Skyline #1 tote set back & front

June 2020 Donna Karan Skyline #2 tote set

July 2020 Coach Eyelet purse and Coach Patchwork purse

July 2020 Vera Bradley tote sets

Aug 2020 Ferragamo Shoe bag and 2-Tone bag

Aug 2020 Ferragamo Bice tote set

Aug 2020 Ferragamo tote set with bronze accents

Aug 2020 Ferragamo tote set with silver accents

Sept 2020 Halston Bucket bag and Heritage bag

Sept 2020 Halston Gathered tote set and Bow tote set

Oct 2020 Burberry Buckle bag and Speedy bag

Oct 2020 Burberry tote set #1

Oct 2020 Burberry tote set #2