FM #1 in GG pin dress w/ boa (340x484)

Happy Birthday B & Kelly in matching pink birthday dresses (277x480)

Overhead shot of all my childhood dolls & outfits (556x358)

CM in childhood Pretty Wild! outfit (235x480)

3 Japanese Skipper heads (357x338)

Japanese Skipper in Sunny Pastels (231x400)

Valentine Skip's & Skoot's all in a row (640x176)

Audrey in Midi-Marvelous (204x480)

Ken in Army and Navy (225x480)

Repro's in Peachy Fleecy and Sorority Girl (328x480)

Soph Lady in Theater Date, flowers (335x480)

Barbie & Kelly in matching FA bathing suits (500x407)

Barbie & Kelly w/ pink mini VW bug (401x483)

Teresa & Whitney + mini Spice Girls NRFB (376x519)

Fashion Avenue B in Bar-B-Q (271x480)

CM in Hootenanny among the bleeding hearts (314x480)

Fashion Avenue B in Senior Prom repro, yellow flowers (404x533)

Silkies 1 & 2 arrive in pink VW bug (355x480)

Silkies arrive in VW Bug, side view (482x336)

Hair Fair head + hairpieces (400x298)

Far Out in Romantic Ruffles by piano (348x441)

Two mod Beach Blast gals in vintage + mod earrings (342x480)

Blonde FM in blue fur FA, sparkly pants (272x542)

Childhood Hair Fair head, side view of green ear (200x171)

Starlight Carousel + Shave 'n Style Ken in gold/blue tux/gown (349x418)

Vintage slumber party from 1st party on BBB,12/29/99 (500x376)

#1 feet holes pic (200x130)

Francie's in Land Ho! and Somethin' Else (359x480)

CM in Gypsy Spirit (450x400)

repro Francie in Pretty Wild! (237x480)

Fluff in croquet outfit (241x480)

Julia in Candlelight Capers (300x358)

Julia in Candlelight Capers, close=up (200x255)

Snow White in red oriental dress, close-up (250x334)

2 repro TNT's and childhood TNT in vintage (421x400)

FE in gold glittery Spice Girl gown (243x518)

Mom's masterpiece, needlework (500x375)

childhood Mod poster w/ errors (478x600)

Salute to Silver on repro brunette TNT (274x480)

Steffi Love Boutique box (506x372)

childhood Julia fashions on contemporary dolls (426x600)

Midge and Allan in Barbie in Holland fashions (290x346)

FA shelves (500x375)

Wedding pic (236x293)

childhood Barbie/PJ case (300x392)

KB Barbie in childhood blue knitted gown (282x480)

Color Magic outfit changed color + accessories unchanged (400x400)

Color Magic hair change instructions (855x605)

Sindy Breakfront box (365x549)

Pfaltzgraff Heritage Christmasware in box (300x358)

Line Contest- Sunken Treasure (307x404)

Line contest- Skip, Skip, Skip to My Lou (456x419)

Line Contest- Leaning Tower of Pisa (296x569)

60's B in Renatta's little black dress + BMR accessories (384x500)

Francisco + Sears drill bits orny & band saw orny (359x393)