Beautiful Melissa Windham w/ her gorgeous auction OOAK (310x589)

Me & Monica w/ the Go-Go Cage centerpiece doll I won (526x383)

Sales room (549x409)

Sales room (600x351)

AA silkstone at BC's table in sales room (259x553)

AA Silkstone; BC table in sales room (480x640)

Sales room; Magal's Collectibles furniture for sale, scene (619x416)

Mattel presentation; note extra-large lamp decorations (428x620)

Mattel presentation; video portion of the show (568x420)

Mattel presentation; Mattel spokesperson on stage (630x412)

Mattel presentation; extra-large table centerpiece (312x593)

Competition room; first place wins a PINK ribbon (394x408)

Competition room; Sonny and Cher (540x346)

Competition room (459x406)

Competition room;a personal fave, love the bouffant do's (321x508)

Competition room (554x405)

Competition room; Dark Shadows scene (573x411)

Competition room; Scooby Doo gang, great doll choices (520x377)

Competition room; Double Sonny and Cher (562x373)

Competition room; protest demonstration diorama (511x353)

Competition room; Andy Warhol diorama (620x372)

Competition room; "Free the People" diorama (547x373)

Competition room; Mod Boutique diorama (593x380)

Competition room; New artist art gallery exhibit diorama (568x414)

Competition room; Lots of Groovy Gals! (618x365)

Competition room; including "extra-large" Dawn doll (518x320)

Competition room; A very very Groovy Happenin' gal (341x461)

Competition room; Vintage, vintage, vintage (470x313)

Competition room; Vintage as far as the eye can see... (408x318)

Competition room; Vintage, friends of Barbie entries (624x285)

Competition room; Vintage Francie entries (600x295)

Competition room; Black Francie, and NRFB Francie's (466x313)

Competition room; Vintage Skipper entries (453x248)

Competition room; Vintage Barbie entries (581x299)

Competition room; Vintage, more Barbie entries (602x228)

Gorgeous Live Auction OOAK dolls (542x215)

Groovy doll for Live Auction (207x421)

Another wonderful Live Auction OOAK artist doll (324x475)

Fantastic Live Auction OOAK artist doll (367x496)

Raffle room, donated items for raffle (393x332)

Raffle room; More donated items, tickets go in the boxes (634x288)

Raffle room; Fave! Love that car! How'd they do that?? (550x337)

Silent Auction dolls; write down your bid (506x418)

Silent Auction dolls; including My Size OOAK (557x358)

Silent Auction dolls; including ebay BBB OOAK mod skirt (562x240)

Silent Auction dolls; loved the one on the right!! (483x283)

Silent Auction dolls (484x383)

Silent Auction dolls; Trish's on left, I think (608x290)

Silent Auction dolls (603x360)

Marcia's silent auction donation; Midge re-root OOAK (291x519)

Moi in the Go-Go Cage, photo op (342x334)

Summer of Love dinner; Convention co-chairs speak (590x328)

Go-Go Cage photo op; convention TNT T-shirt; Becky's back (348x564)

Gettin' Groovy table centerpiece; the last night (340x580)

In character for dinner, Austin Powers style (389x315)

Seating time mayhem; find the kite w/ your table number (617x416)

Me, Monica, and Trish; Peace Baby! (615x387)

Nancy, moi, and Monica; Groovy! (457x276)

Table 71 co-hostesses w/ *the kite* (418x380)

Convention doll designer Dorinda Balinecki (316x330)

Dorinda signs the dolls; Gotta luv that hair (like the doll's!) (267x323)