New Shelf: La Boutique fashions

New Shelf: mod fashion by Sheila

UG Kyori in black sparkly sheath by Natalie's Dolls

Princess of China in raffle black/white dress

Carrie's Bild Lilly repro in RC Lilly + redone Winter Evening

KB Barbie in Lucky Charm fashion by fancydollfashions

FM#4 in Classic Creations by Cindy pink sheath

cocktail dresses by Gin-O

RiR silkie in Qi Pao by SL Doll

belts & poodle by Paula/pinkbubble

crocheted dresses by Alex, back row (434x451)

knit sweater & capri fashion by Liz Retros, + glasses by Liz

knit sweater by Lyanne in NZ's mom

Adele in DD exclusive fashion by Marirose

crocheted fashions by Alex, row 2 (416x422)

crocheted fashions by Alex, bottom row (421x484)

DD exclusive fashion by Dangerous Dames

whimsical dresses by Gwen/GT

sweater dresses, and ski sweater, by Gwen/GT

cocktail dress by Bev/Shahab Doll Designs

gowns by Shirley/Salemay (422x397)

fashions by Brenda/Matisse & raven EC reroot by Susan K. (364x425)

DD exclusive by Scribsace & MAD

New Shelf: full left side (499x393)

New Shelf: full middle (363x389)

New Shelf: full right side

fashion by Shane

new left side shelf w/ Shane's fashion

All 3 of my Gin-O dresses on shelf (383x459)

Randall Craig shelf

Randall Craig shelf

Randall Craig shelf

Randall Craig shelf

Randall Craig shelf

Randall Craig shelf

2011 (January) whole shelf

Euphoric Pierre in La Boutique casual, Checking Out Colette in Shane fashion, SF Eugenia in Gin0

PG Natalia in SaleMay,TaT Pierre in Chewin, Livewire Clone in SaleMay, TH (blond)Pierre in Chewin

Lana in La Boutique, SP Darius in Chewin, LBdS Kyori in Paintbox,seated PIC Darius in MarC

RA Lukas in MarC,Glow Vanessa in Hilda,OGO Colette in BCCan,Onyx Vero in La Boutique

BH Luchia in dress by Sonia,CC Vanessa in Dangerous Dames recycled fashion

SE Vero in knit by Gwen,RF Isha in RC dress w/ macrame belt by Paula,CiM Agnes in Paintbox

CiM Agnes in Paintbox,UA Adele in GinO,CO Francisco in Chewin

Goldstroke Adele in Cindy fashion,OOAK LD Kyori by Caren in Gwen knit,Lumi Adele hair by Jiim G &

QotH Natalia in Marirose,Miracle Child Ayumi in sweater by Ann/RC cloche/RC pants,?Nurse silkie in

Quicksilver Kyori in Dangerous Dames,New Versailles Vero repaint by Kari in Alwin Roos sunset dress

HP Natalia in MIO Trannytale-like dress,DTP Agnes in Matisse,Addicted Luchia in Hilda

Brilliance Adele in ?Lyanne in NZ,TD Adele in Alwin Roos,NV Vero in Alta Moda

Spa Silkie in Sonia,Sleek ITBE in Tula,Fashion Designer in Dangerous Dames

DTD silkie in Matisse,Paradise Vero in Kari S,Hollywood Hostess in Dangerous Dames w/ doggie pin

FDQ Vanessa in Gwen,HitH Poppy in Dangerous Dames,Ginza Kyori in sweater by Ann/ronann2

Carrie Lilli in repro Lilli by Carrie,silkie Pania Lilli in repro by Pania,GotM Vero in Hilda

FR display shelf, left side

FR display shelf, middle (264x390)

FR display shelf, right

FR Homme shelf display 2/12

FR ladies display shelf 2/12