PDP-8/L Computers

I have two PDP-8/L computers. Neither of my PDP8-L's originally had the standard graphics on the front panel. Both had been customized with OEM graphics.)

Here's a picture of the first one:

My first PDP-8/L, on the shelf in the garage of the guy I bought it from.

This one is "mostly working". I can toggle in simple programs and they seem to work OK. Loading something like Focal seems to succeed (zero checksum), but it really didn't, and memory is badly corrupted. (It may be that I need to adjust the core for more reliable operation.)

I also have a second one...

My second PDP-8/L, given to me by a fellow on the east coast.

Here's an older picture of it with the funky front panel artwork:

My second PDP-8/L again, with the CSI panel artwork.

I have a BM8L for one...

My BM8L, one of my more expensive trades.

The BM8L is an adapter from the 8/L Posibus and Memory Bus to a stripped down Omnibus, sufficient for Omnibus memory boards (but not Omnibus I/O). The Posibus is used to provide the control for the Memory extension and time-share controller, allowing up to a full 32K to be connected to the PDP-8/L. Since the 8/L doesn't normally support more than 8K, this means there are actually extra switches and lights on the BM8L, to input the other two IF and DF bits and to display the field for memory accesses!

and a BA08 for the other...

My BA08, given to me with my second PDP-8/L.

The BA08 is the older expansion box for the PDP-8/L. It will hold the extra 4K (for a total of 8K), and a whole bunch of telecommunications and other cool options!

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