PDP-8/I Computers

I have two PDP-8/I computers. Here's a picture of the first one:

My first PDP-8/I, given to me by one of my college professors.

This one is "mostly dead". I suspect a blown fuse or breaker in the +5V supply, but even beyond that, there's a known problem in the front panel timing generator, and the M706 is also dead (which would prevent talking to a terminal).

I also have a second one...

My second PDP-8/I, given to me by a friend.

This one is reported to mostly work, except for a flaky power supply connection. I have disconnected the power supply anyway, as part of the effort of getting it into the rack, so I'd have to reconnect that. It didn't come with a key-switch, so I had to obtain and install one.

My hope is to add a bunch of my memory and peripherals to this one, and construct a fairly "top-of-the-line" configuration, including TU55, RK05, FPP-12, etc.

..probably should get some pictures of that up!

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