DEC "Computer Lab"

I have this cool DEC "Computer Lab". It's a box with a power supply, some switches and lights, some logic, and a variable clock. Here's a picture of the thing:

My Computer Lab, from eBay.

You use jumper wires of various lengths to connect together the circuit you want to build. There is a workbook (and a teacher's edition) of exercises that turn it into a course on computer logic. Here are some pictures of the wires (I think these were taken by Ashley of his wires):

The wires (color coded by length).

A closeup of the funky tapered brass ends on the wires.

There's an intermittent that is cured by flexing the box a little -- perhaps a bad solder joint or the like. But other than that, it works great.

In case you were wondering, it does indeed use the same switches as the PDP-8/I :-).

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