DF32 Emulation

I have this Posibus DF32 emulator, designed and built by Charles Morris.

Here's a picture of it:

My DF32 emulator.

It is pictured above one of my PDP-8/L, and below it's expansion chassis.

A DF32 setup normally consisted of a DF32 controller (Negibus or Posibus), and from 1 to 4 DS32 disk drives. (The first DS32 comes with, and is often considered part of, the DF32.) Each of the drives held a whopping 32K (yes, K) words, for a maximum configuration of 128K words. They were fixed head disks, however, which made them quite fast (no seek time).

The large switch is for power, and the smaller switches write protect the upper or lower 16K of each "drive". This version uses NVRAM (with a 10 year life) to hold the data, and TTL to implement the controller. The whole works is mounted in a nice 1U enclosure.

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