FlipChip Modules

I have begun an effort to document the flipchips which DEC used to implement various CPUs and controllers. My ultimate goal is to collect the available information about these modules from various places on the web, and add CAD drawings for each revision of each module, thus documenting them for posterity. (Each CAD drawing takes me about a day, so progress can be slow.)

There are a couple of ways to look at the stuff. First, there is the classic "module list", much like Zane Healy and others have done:

A "+" next to a revision means that I have the information to do CAD drawings for that module, but haven't gotten to it yet. A "*" means I don't have sufficient information to do CAD drawings (usually high quality photos of the front and back of the board will suffice). No revisions listed means I don't even have the schematics (for any revision) to work from.

Clicking on the first link for each item in the HTML version will get you to the appropriate directory in the SVN repository, where all the images and other files for all revisions of that module are just sort of there in a jumble.

Clicking the second (and third) link, when present, will take you to a datasheet (or two) describing the function of that module.

Second, I have made some tables that list each known revision of each module and what is known about it, with links to the relevant individual files. In many cases I have added an "X" version, which is intended to be a version of the module built with components that are still currently available. (Most "X" versions have not yet been built and tested.)

That makes it easier to see that, say, revision A is lacking a DEC schematic, where revision B has one (which may not work too well for revision A). Hopefully there will be an Eagle schematic, though that currently means you'd have to install some version of Eagle CAD to view it.

I should be clear that what I mean by revision here refers to the etch revision, not the DEC internal revision number. (That is, the version numbers here should match those etched into the back of the actual modules. The etch revision number is often missing or less prominently displayed than the internal DEC revision number on DEC schematics.)

Here are those files:

Currently, Mxxx and Rxxx have had the most work done.

If you are looking for more information about a Bxxx or an Sxxx module, those are often quite similar to the corresponding Rxxx, with some changes in component values.

There is not much information here about Axxx, Hxxx, or Kxxx modules yet.

In some cases, I have annotated these lists with information about whether I am looking to acquire an instance, or have extras to sell.

I have seen a problem where I attempted to click on the link for a DEC schematic, and binary gibberish displayed in the browser instead of the nice PDF. Please let me know something similar happens to you, as it means I have to fix the properties for that particular file in the SVN repository.

My thanks to the many folks who've helped preserve this information, especially Al Kossow of www.bitsavers.org. Special thanks also to Joerg Hoppe of retrocmp.com for many of the module images.

If you want to do CAD drawings like mine, check out the "cad" link at the top of the page. This page also gives information about how these drawings are created.

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