A008B+ AD8A 10 Bit A-D
A100C Multiplexor Switch
A103Multiplexor Switch
A111C+ Millivolt Multiplex Switch
A112A+ Low Level Multiplex Switch
A121C* Multiplexor Switch
A124A* B* 4 Input Multiplexer Switch
A126A+ 8 Channel CMOS Analog Switch (double)
A130A* Multiplexor
A131B X Multiplexer
A133B* Analog Switch
A140C+ 2 Chan. Analog Switch, for VT15
A163A* Multiplexer and Amplifier
A200Operational Amplifier
A202A* Two Analog Preamplifiers
A214A+ B* 2 Analog Amplifiers
A215A* Analog Buffer
A222A* Selectable Gain Amplifier
A225B* C+ E+ Deflection Amplifier
A238C+ Dual Analog Summer and Driver (double)
A312E+ KV8/L Analog Function Generator, Double
A3170C+ Arbitrary Vector Generator (double, long)
A3180C+ Arbitrary Integrator (double, long)
A400Sample and Hold Amplifier
A401B+ Sample and Hold
A404A* Sample and Hold
A405Sample and Hold Amplifier
A502A* C* D X Difference Amplifier
A601A* D* E X 3 Bit DAC
A603A* 2 Bit DAC
A604A* E F H+ X 2-bit D-A Converter
A6052-bit D-A Converter
A606D-A Converter
A607A* B X 10-bit Single Buffered D/A Converter, double
A612A* B+ D/A Converter for KV8/L, Double
A614C+ 12 Bit bipolar D/A Converter, Double Long
A615B* D+ D/A Converter
A618E+ 10 Bit D-A Converter (double)
A622C+ 10 Bit Single Buffered DAC 0 to 5V (double)
A701A* Reference Supply
A702B C* E+ X Reference Supply (-10V), double
A704A* D* E F+ X Reference Supply, Double
A706C+ Power Supply for A202
A708D* Dual Voltage Regulator
A712A+ Voltage Regulator for KV8/L
A80110-bit A/D Converter
A811E* 10-bit A/D Converter
A860A* A/D Converter, Double
A87713-bit A/D Converter
A990Operational Amplifier
A992Operational Amplifier
B104B C X 4 Inverters, 3 Loads (another)
B105B D E* X 5 Inverters, 5 Loads
B113A C* X 4 2-Input Negative NAND Gates, 3 Loads
B115A B C X 3 3-Input Negative NAND Gates, 3 Loads
B117C X 2 5-Input Negative NAND Gates
B123A* 4 2-Input OC NAND Gates (another)
B1243 3-Input OC NOR Gates
B130A+ B X 4 3-Input ANDs ORed, both outputs, Parity for 3 Bits
B131F PDP10 Adder
B132B* LINC Adder
B133B* C X 2 mA equivalent to B113
B134B X 4 2-Input Positive AND Gates, 3 Loads, 2mA
B135C X 2 mA equivalent to B115
B136B X 3 mA equivalent to B134
B137C X 2 mA equivalent to B117
B138B X PDP10 Adder (B131 with added diode to kill the carry quickly)
B141A X 7 2-Input Gates, 2mA input equivalent to R141
B142A X Diode Gate, B141 with 10mA Loads on inputs F, J, L, N, R, T, V, for PDP8
B152A X Binary to Octal Decoder, R151 with higher fan-in & no clamp loads & no emitter gating
B155Half Binary to Octal Decoder
B156A X 2mA equivalent to B155
B163D X 6 2-Input Gates, 1 Paired Common Input, 2mA equivalent of R123
B165A X 2mA Diode equivalent of B105
B166A X Counting Gate for SC Adder of PDP10
B167D X 8 2-Input NANDs ORed to 4 Outputs with 2 Enable Inputs, 2x4
B168B X 4 3-Input NANDs ORed to 3 Outputs with 3 Enable Inputs, 3x3
B169B* D* Diode Gate Equivalent to B129, PDP9, 8 2-Input NANDs ORed to 2 Outputs, 4 Enable Inputs, 4x2
B171B C X 6 Sets of 2-Input ANDs ORed, both polarities out, PDP7 (another)
B172C X Faster B171, 2mA Fan-In
B173A* 14 Input Negative NAND Gate with one input preceded by a 10 Input Positive NAND, ME10
B198A X Protection Comparator, PDP10 Memory, 0 & -3V in & out, Compares 2 8-bit Words
B199B* FM Address Decoder for B250, ICs, double
B200Flip Flop
B201E X Flip Flop
B204B D X 4 Flip-flops
B210B C+ PDP-7 Accumulator, double
B211E* Flip-flop, Buffered, No Delay
B212C Dual RS Flip-flop, PDP10, Bus Driver Output, Delayed & not Delayed RS Inputs
B213C+ F* PDP9 Flip-flop, Single Input Jam, no Delay
B214A* 4 Flip-flops, B204 made out of 3 mA Gates
B250C* D Flip-flop Memory, PDP10, Fairchild ICs, 8x12 bits/card, double
B301B C* D 10 MC One Shot
B310A* 4 Delay Lines, double
B311D Tapped Delay Line, 200 ns, 25 ns steps, Emitter Follower Input
B312B Delay Line, B311 Continuously Variable, Diode Input, PDP10
B360C D Screwdriver Delay Line + Pulse Amp, 200-250 ns max
B401Variable Clock
B405B* Crystal Clock, 2 to 10 MC
B410D* Voltage Controlled Clock, 1-10 MC, 40 to 100 ns negative pulses, potentiometer adjustment
B602A B* Dual 10 MC Pulse Amplifier
B611B Dual Pulse Amplifier, 25 ns, PDP10
B620Dual Carry Pulse Amplifier
B681B* 4 Power Inverters
B683C X 3 Bus Drivers, OR output, 50 ohm load, 0 -3V
B684C J X 2 Bus Drivers, like 6684 (another)
B685B* 3 Diode Gate Drivers, 2 circuits, 80 mA at ground, 8 mA at -3V, PDP10
G001D* DC Sense Amp, PDP-7, double
G005F* 4-input Sense Amp, PDP-6, 2us, double
G007C D* M* X Sense Amplifier
G008A B* C* X Slice Control for G007 & G009
G009B C* Sense Amplifier
G010A* Sense Amp Selector for PDP-9, 164, also used for G012
G020D+ E+ H X Sense Amp for 8/I, G021 etch, IC levels
G021B+ E+ H K Dual Sense Amp for 8/I, IC levels, also used for G020
G022E* 4-input Sense Amp for PDP-10, with cable, +6.2V, -6.2V
G023F* Master Slice Control for G022
G050D+ 9 Track, 45 ips, Dual Gap Head Read Amplifier
G060D+ Mag Tape Compressor, 9 Track
G062D+ Mag Tape Peak Detector, 9 Track
G064C+ D+ Mag Tape Slicer, 9 Track (double)
G083C+ D+ Disc Preamplifier
G084C+ Mag Tape Read, Rectify, Slice Amp, TU20, also used on G086
G085D* E+ Disk Amplifier, replaces 1/2 G083 + 1/2 W532 + 1/2 W533 (double)
G088E* Read Amplifier and Peak Detector (double)
G094C+ Threshold and Buffer
G100D* E+ Sense Amp & Inhibit Driver, PDP15, 3 wire, 3D memory (double)
G102D+ Sense, Inhibit, & Register (4 bits) for MM11 & ME10 (long)
G103A+ Memory Levels and Gates (long)
G206B* Memory Selector, PDP-6, 2us, double, used for G212
G207B* Inhibit Driver, 4 Quadrant, PDP-6, 2us, double
G208A* B L* Inhibit Driver
G209A* B J* Memory Selector, double
G212B* Memory common Driver, G206 + Misc. R&D, G206 etch, for PDP6 2us memory
G217H* Word Driver, MA10, uses G219 for Digit Driver
G219E* H* Memory Selector (A G209 for negative supply), PDP9
G221A+ B X Memory Driver, IC Inputs, 4 circuits, PDP8/I, PDP8/L
G222A+ D* Memory Selector, PDP15
G223D 2 Read-Write Drivers, PDP-15
G225B* D+ X and Y Current Source (long)
G226C+ D* XY Selection Switch, single 8.5", ME10, MM11 (long)
G228B+ C+ H X Core Memory Inhibit Driver, IC Inputs, 8/I, 8/L
G230D* Current Source, with Delay Line on input, 0 to 40ns
G284C+ D+ Disc Writer
G285A+ B+ Series Switch (another)
G286A+ Centertap Selector (another)
G287B+ Mag Tape Writer, 2 channels, 100mA Head Current, no center tap, 0 to -15V
G290A+ Disk Writer, includes 2.5MHz flip-flop, RS09
G291C+ Disc Writer with Power Fail
G294B* Disc Writer
G295A* B+ Series Switch
G296B* C+ Center Tap Selector
G350D+ 9 Track, Dual Head, 45 IPS, Mag Tape Write Driver
G380E+ Solenoid Drivers
G381A+ Line Feed Solenoid Driver
G500A* TU55/TU56 Skew Tester
G589C* Differential Integrator/Amp, RP10 Controller, RP01-Memorex 630-1
G590E* Differential Filtered Integrator, RP10, RP02, Memorex 660
G603A Memory Selector Matrix (non-standard size)
G604A* Memory Selection Matrix, PDP-6
G609A* Memory Mounting Board
G610A* B* "A" Diode Matrix Board for PDP-8 stack 30-05256
G611B+ "B" Diode Matrix Board for PDP-8 stack 30-05256 (double)
G613A* B* C* X Diode Matrix, 3 wire, 3D memory, 4K, 9/I
G614A* B* C* Y Diode Matrix, 3 wire, 3D memory, 4K, 9/I
G618B* BYA+ BYB+ BYC+ BYD+ BYE+ BYF+ BYG+ BYH+ VT15 Character Generator
G622D* Resistor Board
G624C X Resistor Board for 8/I memory, similar to G621
G626C+ Resistor Board for memory, PDP-10, 2.5 D
G680DS32 Disk Head Matrix
G681D* Track Matrix
G700B+ BYA* 100 Ohm Cable Terminator, W028 etch
G7000B* I/O Bus Terminator 1
G7001C* I/O Bus Terminator 2
G7002B* I/O Bus Terminator 3
G7003A* I/O Bus Terminator used in H807, quick-latch terminator
G7004A* I/O Bus Terminator used in H807, quick-latch terminator
G7005A* I/O Bus Terminator used in H807, quick-latch terminator
G7006C* I/O Bus Terminator used in H807, quick-latch terminator
G701A* Cable Terminator
G702DS32 Disk Simulator
G703A* B* 100 ohm Terminator, G700 pattern, double board with cut-out to fit over H003 or H004
G704A* B+ 2 mA Level Terminator, G796 etch & components
G705A* B* DEC Tape Jumper Module
G706A* B* DEC Tape Attenuator
G708A+ Diode Board (double)
G709A+ Cable Terminator
G711A+ RF08 Terminator Board
G715B* Terminator, equiv 100 ohms to +4V, uses +10V & ground, G700 pins
G717B* Positive Bus Control Signal Terminator, 5 100 ohms to ground, pins K2, M2, P2, S2, T2, same grounds as W022
G718A* Timing Jumper for PDP12, when plugged in upside down, each delay line tape is shifted
G719A+ RF08 Terminator Board
G720A+ RF08 Terminator Board
G723A+ RF09 Cable Terminator
G726B* ME10 Bus Control, a Jumper Board
G727A+ Grant Continuity, a Jumper Board
G7273A+ Grant Continuity, double height
G728A+ Jumper Card (double)
G734E+ Input Clamp
G736A+ Jumper Module
G737A* 9 Dividers, 150 ohms to +3V, W028 pins
G738C* Peripheral Terminator
G739B+ Peripheral Terminator
G740A+ Disk Selection
G741B+ C+ CYA+ TU10 Negative Bus Terminator
G742A* Jumper Card, pins of non-inverting M500 & M531, TU56 with positive logic controls
G766A* G796 with 3M cable, 14 signals, 2 grounds
G772B X PDP-11 Power Connector
G775A* B* C* 36 wires to Indicator, Q's, +6.5V from lamps, RF09
G778A X KV8I Cable Connector
G780A* Power Connector Card for PDP-12
G783A* 9 Twisted Pair and Shield, 1 pair ground return
G785D* E X Power Connector, 8/L, with Power OK (double)
G789A* Signal Simulator Connector
G790C* Signal Simulator Generator
G792A PDP-8/I Power Connector
G793B* PDP-8/I Switch Connector, 8/I to console
G795D+ Clamped Level Cable Connector, W021 pins, diodes to +0.7V & -3V, PDP-9, extended memory
G796A* B+ Clamped Level Cable Connector, W034 with clamps, ground and -3V with 2mA clamped loads, G704 etch
G799A* Cable Connector
G800H* Control for 739 Power Supply
G8000A+ Filter Network (short)
G8002C* AC/DC Low Sensor
G8004B+ Power Fail
G8010B+ -5.2V Control (long)
G8014B+ Low Voltage Detector (long)
G803A X Rectifying Slicer
G804D* Control for G805
G805E* F+ Regulator for negative 8 memory, Double
G808A* K* Control for 708 Power Supply
G809A* J* -15V Sense and Relay Driver
G810C* 6V Regulator Control, Drives a G805
G816B* Modified G806 for driving 70V Power Supply Regulator Outputs
G817A* Card 1 for 713
G818B* Card 2 for 713
G820A+ LINC-8 Positive Power Supply
G821C+ E* F* +5V Regulator Control and Output Card for PDP15, see G829 (double)
G822C+ F* -6V Regulator (from -10V) for sense amps, PDP15 (double)
G823B* C+ -24V Memory Regulator Control, drives G825, PDP15
G824A B* +5V Regulator Control for PDP-12, double
G825B+ -24V Pass Element (double)
G826D+ E* K L* X Regulator Control for 8/I, drives G805 & detects presence of other voltages (double)
G827A+ Low Voltage Detector, PDP-15, + K303 RC's detects +9V, uses +5V
G828A* Regulator Control, ME10, uses G805
G829A+ 5V Connector Card for PDP15 peripherals, with over-voltage SCR & fuse, can replace G821 (double)
G830J* 5V, 10 Amp Regulator from 8V, KI10
G831E* -10V Reference, +5V output, 0 to +10V 6-bit DAC, Marginal Check Control, KI10
G836B* D* Positive & -20V Regulator for VT14
G8360A+ B* VR14 Power Supply and Regulator
G838A* Fault Protection, provides +5V for intensity board W682, in VR14
G840C+ VT40 Light Pen Amplifier
G847C+ D+ E+ Dual Voltage Control for G848, TU56
G848H+ L M TU56 Motor Drive, Triple
G850E* H* J* K* L X SCR Motor Driver, TU55
G851B X DECtape Relay Module
G853A X DECtape Misc, Single Unit Selection & Timing Track Sensing
G854A+ Telegraph Line Circuit
G858A+ PDP 15 Teletype Connector Card
G859A+ Clock and Regulator for TU56 (long)
G879A X Transport Detector, TC08, TC09, TC15
G882B D* X Manchester Reader-Writer
G888A X Manchester Reader/Writer (another)
G9002C+ AC/DC Low Sensor
G903E* Clock Accelerator for Paper Tape Reader
G906A* LINC-8 Capacitor and Power Up
G912B+ Deflection Amplifier, -12 Amps into 30uH Push-Pull Yoke, 15us full deflection time, VR12, Long, Double, Thick
G913A* Clock Control, (G903 + 1/2 R302 + 1/3 R603)
G916A* Power Detector & Switch Filter, PDP-12
G917A* Gain & Set Control for VR12
G918D+ Photocell Amplifier for PT04, PT05, replacement for G908, for photo-transistors
G920D* Control Memory
G921A* PDP-8/L Console (plugs in)
G932D* Capstan Servo Preamp (drives H603)
G933D+ E+ Reel Motor Amp for TU10, +/-12V, +/-6A
G9340A+ B* Brake Actuator
G9341A+ B+ TU10 Brake Driver
G936C+ E* Clock Accelerator
G938K+ DECPack Head Position Servo Preamp, Long, Double
G998A* Current Measuring Extender, 1-1/2 length with Bus Loops
H3190B+ Staggered Turnaround (long)
H851C X Top Connector Block
H901Patchcord Mounting Panel
H902Indicator Switch Panel
H903Analog-Digital Panel
K003A* Gate Expander
K026A* Gate Expander
K113A* Inverting Gate
K123English Gate
K138A* B* Eight Inverters
K210Decimal or Binary Counter
K220Decimal Up/Down Counter, Double
K230Parallel Input Shift Register
K271A* Set/Reset Memory
K273Retentive Memory
K303B+ Three Delay Timers
K374A* B* C* Calibrated Timer Control
K376B* C* Calibrated Timer Control
K378B* C* Calibrated Timer Control
K508Pilot Circuit Converter, Double
K522A* Comparator
K604Pilot Circuit Converter, Double
K614D* Isolated AC Switch
K652B* DC Driver
K671Decade Display
K683B* Driver
K716Pilot Circuit Converter, Double
K731E+ Multi-Purpose Source
K732A* B+ Slave Regulator
K791Test Probe
K940Mounting Bar Support
K941Mounting Bar
M002A X 15 Loads
M040E X Solenoid Driver
M044B X 4-100mA Solenoid Drivers
M050B X Inverter driver, 12 circuits, switch -30V and 50mA max/driver
M051A* B X Level Converter, positive logic in and negative logic out, 12 circuits, open collector
M060A X Solenoid Driver
M100A X Bus Data Interface
M101A X Bus Data Interface
M102A X Negative Bus Equivalent to M103
M103A B X Device Selector
M104C D I/O Bus Multiplexor
M105B C X Address Selector (long)
M106A X Dot NOR Gates
M107Device Selector
M108Flag Module
M109A X Device Select Module
M1091A X Memory Device Select (long)
M1103A X 10 2-Input AND Gates
M111A B C D X Inverters (another)
M112D E X NOR Gates
M1125A X 10 Exclusive OR Gates
M113B C D X 10 2-Input NAND Gates
M115C D X 8 3-Input NAND Gates
M116A X 6 4-Input NOR Gates
M117A* B C E X 6 4-Input NAND Gates (another)
M119A* B C X 3 8-Input NAND Gates (another)
M121A* B D X 6 AND-NOR Gates (another)
M126B* H version of M121, not pin compatible
M127A X 3 2-2-2-3 AND-NOR Gates
M129A X 4-4 AND-NOR, H, 4 circuits
M130C* 5 8-bit parity circuits + 5 2-input XOR gates (MC4008)
M13076 4-Input AND Gates
M133A B X 10-2 Input NAND Gates
M135A X 8-3 Input NAND Gates
M139A B* X H version of M119
M141B C* X Two 2-2-2-2 AND-NOR gates, 2-2-2 AND-NOR gate. 2 input NAND, 2 inverters
M142C* Adder, discrete equivalent to M132
M143A* 10 2-input NAND gates, with one pair sharing common input, KI10
M145A* 3-input NAND gates, 7 circuits, 74H, KI10
M149A C X 9x2 NAND Wired OR Matrix
M1500Bi-directional Bus Interfacing Gates, extended single
M1501B X Bus Input Interface, extended single
M1502C X Bus Output Interface, extended double
M151B* Dual binary to octal with enable, H series, KI10, 74H20
M1510Bus Device Selector Module, extended double
M152B X M151 non-inverting, KI10, 74H21
M155A X 4 Line to 16 Line Decoder, uses 50-08908 board
M159A X 4 bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (DEC 74181), uses 50-08908 board
M160C D* X AND-NOR Gate Module
M161A* B* C X Binary to Octal/Decimal Decoder (another)
M162A B X Parity Circuit (another)
M163A X Dual binary to decimal decoder
M164B X 6-bit adder for PDP-15, 2 adders for carry-in 1 or 0
M165D X Memory buffer, inverting and non-inverting output from open collector, 8 channels for KI10
M166E* 9-bit Counting Gate, KI10
M167B* 8 Bit Magnitude Comparator
M168A X 12 Bit Magnitude Comparator
M169A+ B X Functional gate module for PDP-12, 4 4-bit output multiplexors (another)
M170B* 3-3-3-2-2-2-2-2 AND-NOR & 3-2-2-2 AND-NOR, H series, KI10
M1701D X 4 to 1 MUX, 4 circuits, 74153, 08912 etch
M1703C Omnibus Dual 12 bit Input Interface
M1705B X Omnibus Dual 12 bit Output Interface
M171A* 2-2-2-3 AND-NOR, 3 circuits, different pins than M127
M1713A X 16 to 1 MUX inverting, 74150, 50-08908 etch
M172A* 2 En x 9 out mixer, 74H50, for KI10
M173A* B* Non-inverting M143
M174A* 4 En x 9 out mixer, 74H53s, KI10
M175A* 7 3-input AND gates, 74H, KI10
M177A* Non-inverting M147
M178B* 8 En x 6 out mixer, 74H53, 74H62, KI10
M181A* Non-inverting M171
M182A B X M162 with fast ICs, 74H
M191C D* X 2 Look-ahead elements (74182), uses W961 board, used with M190 or M159 (board 50-08912)
M202B X Triple J-K Flip Flop
M203B C* X 8 Set-Reset Flip Flops
M204A* D X Counter Buffer (another)
M205A X 5 D Flip Flops
M206B+ C D+ X 6 D Flip-Flops with 2 jumpers for clear (another)
M207B* C D+ E X 6 J-K Flip-Flops (another)
M208C X Buffer/Shift Register
M211B* 6-bit Up/down counter
M212B X 6 Bit L-R Shift Register
M213BCD Up/Down Counter
M214A B* X 6-bit Accumulator with 3 inputs
M215A X 4 Bits of 3 Registers, Adder per Bit
M216B C* X 6 D Flip-Flops
M217A X Clock register for PDP-12, 4 bit counter with buffer register for preset or readout
M218A X Bi-directional shift register, 9 bits, 2 parallel loads
M219B X 7-bit synchronous counter with jam and clear presets
M220A B C X Major Registers, double
M221D X Register for PDP-12 (M220 plus extra logic), Double
M222B X Tape register for PDP-12, 2 bits, 6 registers, Double
M223B X MA,/MB Registers
M224B X Data Paths (double, long)
M225A X 16x16 Memory (double, long)
M226A X 1 Bit, all registers (except ACC) for PDP-15
M227B X Accumulator for PDP-15, 9 bits
M228A X Mark Track Decoder
M230Binary to BCD and BCD to Binary Converter, double
M23216x1 RAM
M233A* Disk Shift Register
M236B X 12 Bit Binary Up/Down Counter, 8931 etch
M2373 Digit BCD Up/Down Counter
M238D X 2 4-bit Synchronous up/down counters with parallel load, separate up & down clocks, board etch 50-08912
M239A X 3-4 Bit Counter/Registers
M240B X 6 R/S Flip Flops
M241B* 6 D Flip-flops (74H74) with common clock
M242A X H version of M202
M243B* 8 D Flip-flops (74H74) with 2 common clocks, 4 bits each
M245Dual 4 Bit Shift Register
M246A X 5 D flip-flops, all pins available (74H74)
M247C* 6 RS flip-flops, clocked to 6 D flip-flops
M248B X 8-bit Shift right, parallel load, 50-08914 etch, 7495
M250B* 16 Words, 4-bit memory (F9035), KI10
M2500D X 2 64-Word, 4-Bit MOS Memories, 08912 etch
M253B X 16 Words, 12-bit memory (TI 7489)
M260A* Associative memory, 4x12, KI10, Fairchild 4102 IC, 35ns match time
M261C+ 4-State Motor Translator
M26210-State Motor Translator, double
M302C* D K L* X One Shot Delay (another)
M3020A X 2 One Shot Delays with Hysteresis
M304A B X One Shot Delay
M306B X Integrating One Shot
M307A B X Integrating One Shot
M3070C* Dual integrating one-shot 200ns to 20ms in 5 steps
M308C* Integrating one-shot, edge or pulse triggered, clock, power up & down
M310A B C* Delay Line
M311A Tapped Delay Lines
M312B C Delay Module
M321B* M311 except one delay line, one output buffer can drive 30 TTL H loads
M360A* B Variable Delay
M362C* Delay, 25 to 50 ns
M363B* Delay, 15 to 30 ns, inverts
M401B L* M X Variable Clock
M402B X Remotely variable clock, Uses 5V photomod, 2Hz to 1MHz
M403RC Multivibrator Clock
M404Crystal Clock
M405A B X Crystal Clock, positive and negative pulse outputs, 5KHz to 10MHz
M410A Resonant Reed Clock
M420C X Phase Lock Clock, RP09, RP15, double
M4201C* Phase Lock Clock
M452A X Variable Clock
M453A X Variable Clock
M500A B X Negative Input Converter (another)
M501B X Schmitt Trigger
M502A B C* X Negative Input Converter
M503A X Differential Schmitt, 2 channels, pulse amplifier in each
M506C D* X Negative Input Converter, 6 channels, 0 and -3V in
M507A B* F* X Bus Converter
M508C* Negative bus to positive bus converter, 6 circuits, open collector outputs, GND in = positive out
M510A X I/O Bus Receiver
M511B* Unibus Receiver, 15 circuits, 4 GND, DS11, DL10
M514H X TU10 Transceiver (for connection to TC58, TC59, & TM10), see M519, double
M515C D* X Real Time Clock, 12VAC input on tabs, uses +11V & +5V
M516A X Hex Positive Bus Receiver
M517A* M507 with an enable input
M521K to M Converter
M531A* 8 channel Negative Bus Receiver with noise filtering (M500 pins)
M564E* I/O Bus Receiver, 8 circuits, negative bus, positive logic, light input load
M565C* Memory Bus Receiver, 8 circuits, negative bus, positive logic
M592C* I/O Device Select (used with M71000)10 74H ICs
M5921A X Bus Transceiver
M594B D* X EIA Level Converter (long)
M5940B* 8 channel EIA-CCITT to DEC, 7 DEC to EIA-CCITT, DF11-A, 1V hysteresis, 5" version
M597D 6 Channel IBM Receiver
M602A X Pulse Amplifier (another)
M603B* 2 Pulse Amplifiers, negative edge in, 1 positive 60ns & 1 positive 45-100ns out, 4 2-input NANDs (74H00), 3 3-input ANDs (74H11)
M606A B X Pulse Generator
M6106 Open Collector 2-Input NAND Gates + Pulse Amplifier
M611A B X High Speed Power Inverter
M612B* 6 Power Gates, 6 grounds, 5 inputs per gate pair
M617A* B C E X 6-4 Input NOR Buffers (another)
M621A X Bus Driver, 6 circuits, enables for each of 2 6-bit words
M622A X Bus Drivers
M623A D* E X Bus Drivers
M624A X Bus Drivers
M627A C E X Power Amplifier Module
M628A B* X 2 switches, 2 bit adder, 1 M621 type driver, for MX15
M629A* Bus Driver, 11 circuits, for positive bus, PDP11, 8881's
M632A* B X Positive Input Converter Drivers
M633A* B X Negative Bus Driver
M640C X Master Interface Bus Driver, double
M650D X Negative output converter, 3 channels, R650 type outputs
M651A C X M650 with outputs clamped to ground when 5V goes away
M652A X Negative Output Converters
M660A B X Positive Level Drivers
M661A X Positive Level Driver for 8/I bus, 3 circuits, output clamped to +3V, M660 pins
M663C* 3 negative Memory Bus Drivers, positive input, 50 ohm load, KI10
M664B* I/O Bus Driver, 0 to +3V in, 0 to -3V out, 8 circuits
M665E* Memory Bus Driver, 0 to +3V in, 0 to -3V out, 8 circuits
M666B* C* I/O Bus Reset, 12 outputs, 20mA@-3V, 1/3 duty factor max
M671M to K Converter
M688B X Unibus Power Fail Drivers
M697D 4 Channel IBM Transmitter
M700A B D* E X Manual Timing Generator, double
M701A* D X Display Control, VC8/I, double
M7010B X VV15 Timing and Control (double, long)
M7011C* Serial Transmitter
M703E J* X Power Fail Logic, 8/I
M704A* B* Plotter Control, 8/I
M705D J X Reader Control, double
M7050C D E X Reader Control with feed hole strobe & feed hole transition out-of-tape sense, Double
M706B* D H K O X Teletype Receiver, double
M7065C X Synchronous Receiver (long)
M707A C D X Teletype Transmitter, double
M7075C X Synchronous Transmitter (long)
M708A* B C* X Clock Control, 8/I
M709A* B X Clock Counter, 8/I
M710B F* H X Punch control, double
M7100B* I/O Device Control, used with M592, 10 74H ICs
M7101F* Control
M7102C* Positive I/O Bus Converter
M7103F* Negative I/O Bus Converter
M7104A* B RK8E Data Buffer and Status
M7105A* B RK8E Major Registers
M7106A* B C RK8E Control
M711C* Scope Control, PDP-12
M712C+ Control Logic I, CR8-I, CR8-L
M714B+ Control Logic I, CR8-I, CR8-L
M715A+ E* F X Reader Clock, double
M716A+ B* Control Logic II, CR8-I, CR8-L
M717A+ C* Display Control, VP09, VP15
M719A+ Clock Sync & Decade Counter, KW12
M720A* Memory Detection
M7212C+ Bus Repeater (long)
M7219D+ RC11 Bus Interface (quad)
M7220B+ RC11 Clock Control (long)
M7221D+ E+ RC11 Disk Interface (quad)
M7222E+ RC11 Status Control (quad)
M7224B+ RC11 Unit and Track Selector (long)
M724C+ Bus and Console Control (quad, long)
M7246H+ Modem Control Scan (double, long)
M725B+ Bus Interface and IR (quad, long)
M726B+ IR Decode (quad, long)
M727C+ State Control (quad, long)
M728D+ Timing and States (quad, long)
M7290C+ Control Logic (double, long)
M730A+ Positive Output Bus Interface
M731Negative Output Bus Interface
M732Positive Input Bus Interface
M733Negative Input Bus Interface
M734Input/Output Bus Multiplexer
M7341D* E+ MPS Processor Module, quad
M7344CYA+ MPS Read/Write Memory Module, quad
M7345C+ MPS 4Kx8 Read Only Memory Module, quad
M7346B+ MPS External Event Detection Module, extended single
M7347B MPS Reader Run
M735Input/Output Bus Transfer Register
M736Priority Interrupt Module
M73712-Bit Bus Receiver Interface
M738Counter-Buffer Interface
M7390D+ Asynchronous Transceiver, extended double
M750A+ B+ C* Line I/O Control, equivalent to 2 W750s
M751A* Line Register & R Register for DC08A, I/O Bus Connection
M752A* Instruction Decoder & Gates for DC08A
M753B* Control for 2 Data Set Lines in DC08F
M761A+ 32 to 8 Bit Multiplexer (double)
M762A+ ROM Diode Matrix Receiver (double)
M763C+ D+ 9 Track Write Buffer for TU10, negative logic, see M893, double
M765A+ B+ C+ 9 Track Read Buffer for TU10, double
M767A+ C+ Clock and Skew Delay
M7670C* Forward BOT Timer, TU10
M7671B* Master Slave Bus Driver, TU10, Double
M7672B+ X TU10 Command Buffers, Double
M7673B* Data Checker, TU10, Double
M768E+ Delay Selector for TU10, with TC58, TC59, TM10, double
M7687C+ Drive Data Interface (long)
M769F+ J* Function Control for TU10
M7710F+ Print Sequencer (double)
M7711F* Control Logic A (double)
M7712D+ F+ Control Logic B (double)
M7713D* E+ LCV (double)
M7715C+ Line Feed Control
M7716B+ H550 Motor Translator
M7717C+ Motor Control
M7721B+ Control Logic A (double)
M7724B+ Character Generator ROM (double)
M776A+ Reader Register, PC15, Double
M780A+ C* TTY Transmitter & Receiver, 110 baud (double, long)
M7800A+ E* H* DL11 Asynch Interface (quad)
M782A* E+ Interrupt Control (long)
M7820B* C+ Interrupt Control, 7 bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral, Replaced by M7821, extended single
M7821B+ C+ D+ Interrupt Control, 7 bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral, Faster M7820, extended single
M783A* B+ Unibus/Omnibus Drivers, extended single
M784A* B* C+ Unibus/Omnibus Receivers, extended single
M785A* B+ Unibus/Omnibus Transceiver, extended single
M786Device Register Interface, extended double
M792DYB+ E* ROM Diode Matrix (long)
M795A* B* C+ D+ Word Count and Bus Address Module, extended double
M796C+ Unibus Master Control, extended single
M797B+ Register Select
M798B+ Unibus Drivers, extended single
M820C+ Data Path Control (quad, long)
M821C+ Register Control (double, long)
M822A+ B* Flag Control (double, long)
M823A+ Codes Data (long)
M824C+ Priority (double, long)
M825C+ Power Fail and Control (long)
M8290B* C+ CR11 Card Reader Interface (Unibus)
M8291C+ CR11 Card Reader Interface (Unibus)
M8300B KK8E Major Registers
M8310F H* KK8E Major Register Control
M8317E KM8A 8/A Option Board 2
    M8320D+ KK8E Bus Loads
    M833D+ KK8E Timing Generator (obsoleted by M8330)
    M8330C+ D+ E+ F+ KK8E Timing Generator
    M8331B+ TA8E Cassette Interface
    M8335B+ VT8E Keyboard/Printer Control
    M8340D* E F+ X KE8E Decoder and Step Counter
    M8341B* D X KE8E Multiplexers and Timing Generator
    M8350C* KA8E Positive I/O Bus Interface
    M8365B* LA180 Interface, Omnibus (quad, extended)
    M837B+ D+ Omnibus Memory Extension and Timeshare Option
    M840K X PC8E High Speed Reader/Punch Control (Omnibus)
    M8416C P KT8A 128K Memory Management Board
    M842B+ E+ XY8E Plotter Control (Omnibus)
    M843E CR8E Card Reader Control (Omnibus)
    M847D+ E* MI8E Diode Bootstrap Loader
    M850A X EIA Converter and Cable Connector
    M851E+ Bus Receiver - Address Decoder (double)
    M865B C KL8E Terminal Control (Obsoleted by M8650)
    M8650B* C* D KL8E Terminal Control
    M8652B+ KL8F Terminal Control
    M8655B KL8J Terminal Control
    M868D+ H TD8E Simple DECtape Controller
    M869C+ D VC8E Point Plot Display Controller
    M882Omnibus Real Time Clock (Line)
    M8830C DK8-EC Omnibus Real Time Clock (Crystal)
    M885C+ E VC8E Point Plot Display D/A
    M890F+ H* Motion Control for TU10
    M891D+ TU10 CRC and Write Gating, Double
    M892E+ TU10 Write Gap Timing, Double
    M895H* TU10/TU15 Read Timing, Double
    M896B+ X TU10 CRC Checker
    M901B C* X Flat Mylar Cable Connector, 10 ohms in A2,B2,U1 & V1, 2 cables
    M903A* B X Flat Mylar Connector, 18 signals, 14 GND pins
    M904B+ Coax Connector, 2x 9-signals, split lug, M903 Pins
    M906A B+ X Cable Terminator
    M907A+ Diode Clamp
    M908B X Connector Module
    M909A+ Terminator Card
    M90x,W0x1Negibus/Posibus Connectors
    M910A+ CP Terminator Card
    M9100H854 to H854 or Flip Chip Adapter, extended single
    M911A+ Memory Bus CP Terminator
    M912A* Coax Connector, 4x 9-conductor, split lug, M904 Connections, double
    M91636 Pin connector
    M917Ribbon Connector, 18 Signals, 14 GND Pins, split lug
    M918A+ Flat Mylar Connector, 36 Signals
    M920B+ Unibus Jumper Module
    M925Flat Mylar Connector, 18 Signals, 19 Grounds, short single
    M927A+ Coax Connector, 18-signals, split lug, short
    M929B* C* Bus Connector, double
    M930C D+ E+ Bus Terminator (double, short) (another)
    M935B+ Omnibus Jumper Module
    M942A+ Bus Terminator (double)
    M943A+ Cable Connector
    M952C* 27 LEVEL TERMINATORS, CLAMPS AT +.75 & 3.25V
    M953B+ Flat Cable Connector, 18 Signals, 18 Grounds
    M954Flat Cable Connector, 36 Signals
    M955Flat Cable Connector, 18 Signals
    M956A* 18 130 OHMS TO +3.0V, M903 PINS
    M960D+ TD8E Connector #1
    M961C* D+ TD8E Connector #2
    M966A+ PDP15 Memory Bus Terminator
    M971B+ Cable Interface Board #2 (long)
    M973A+ TTY Cable Connector (long)
    M975Flip Chip to 2x H854 Adapter, special double
    M982B+ Blank Universal Terminator
    M993A* B* RK8E Control Cable Connector
    MxxxCPLD versions of Mxxx
    R001A B X Diode Network, 7 diodes, both ends brought to pins (another)
    R002A B X Diode Network, 5 groups of 2 diodes, cathode common
    R012B* Diode Network, R002 etch, anodes common
    R107A B C+ D E* S1A X 7 Inverters, 1 with expansion node (another)
    R1075B X 7 Inverters, 1 with expansion node
    R111A* D* E F X 3 2-Input Gates, Expandable, Open Collector, 3 clamp load resistors (another)
    R1110E* R111 with 2mA fan-in & 6534-C transistors, sinks 63ma
    R113A B X 5 2-Input Gates
    R1130B* R113 with 2mA fan-in & 6534-C transistors, sinks 63ma
    R121A B* X 2 2-Input, 1 3-Input, 1 4-Input Gates (another)
    R122A* C X Logical Complement of R121 (another)
    R123A B X Input Bus Gate, 6 Gates, 1 Independent Input, 1 Paired Common Input
    R131B* C X Exclusive OR, 4 circuits, Output is -3V if inputs are the same (another)
    R141C D E X AND-NOR Gate, 7 sets of 2-Input AND Gates NORed together (another)
    R151A B D X Binary-Octal Decoder, 6 Inputs + Enable, 8 Outputs (another)
    R152D* Obsolete, R151 without clamp loads, see B152
    R181A B* C X DC Carry Chain, 6 Interconnected Diode Gates + 1 Inverter
    R200Set-Reset Flip-flop
    R201A* B C D X RS FF with 3 Set and 2 Reset DCD Gates (another)
    R202A* D E X Dual FF, Direct Clear, Common Set, 1 set & 1 reset DCD Gate each (another)
    R203A* C* D X Triple FF, Direct Clear, Set DCD Gate each (another)
    R204A* B X Quad FF, Direct Set for each, Direct Clear for 2, Common for 2 (another)
    R205B D X Dual FF, Common Direct Clear, 2 DCD Gates each
    R210A I L S* X PDP8 Accumulator
    R211J K* L* X MB, PC, MA, (PDP8)
    R212A* D F J* X MQ (PDP8), 2 FFs, SR, SL, Read-in, Clear
    R220F* J L X 3-Bit SR, Parallel Read-in, Diodes out for detecting all 0s in R111 node
    R284A B X Quadraflop, PDP8, 4 stable states
    R302J K L M* S* X 2 One-shots
    R303B* D X Integrating One Shot (another)
    R401D F H X Variable Clock, 30CPS to 2 MC (another)
    R405H J X Crystal Clock, 5 KC to 2 MC Available
    R406A* Clock for PDP9/L, 1.5us
    R407A* PDP9 Parity Clock, 1.2us
    R408A* PDP8 Clock
    R409H J X PDP9 Clock (R405 configured for 1MC)
    R450B D* E X Variable Clock
    R451E X Teletype Clock, for faster teletype think R450
    R601B* E F H X Pulse Amplifier, 6 DCD Gates, 100 or 400 ns pulses (another)
    R602H K X Pulse Amplifier, 2 DCD Gates & 1 Diode Input each, 100 or 400 ns pulses
    R603D F* X Pulse Amplifier, 3 circuits, 1 DCD Gate & 1 Diode Input each (another)
    R613B X R603 that cannot be triggered from output, with 5 mA loads
    R623D* R603 with 400us pulse, R603 etch, retrofit for LINC-8
    R650B* C E X Bus Driver, 2 circuits, 2 Inputs & Node
    R663D* B163 with DEC 6534C (6 2-Input NANDs, 1 Input/Gate + 1 Input/Gate pair, 2mA fan-in)
    S107C* D E* S1A X R107 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S111D* E F X R111 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S123B X Diode Gate
    S151A B C* D X R151 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S181A C X DC Carry Chain, 6 Interconnected Diode Gates + 1 Inverter
    S202D E X R202 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S203C* D X R203 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S205C D X R205 Dual Flip Flop with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S206B* C* D X S205 Dual Flip Flop with 10mA clamp loads
    S284A* B C* X R284 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S602H K X R602 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    S603D X R603 with 5 mA Clamp Loads
    W002A* B X 15 2mA Clamped Loads, W005 etch (another)
    W005A* B X 15 Clamped Loads
    W010A X 10 10mA Clamped loads to -15V
    W011B X W021 but 3.25" long.
    W012B* C* Flexprint Indicator Cable, -15 +15 Signal, PDP10
    W013A* B* Word Sink Stack Connector, W016 etc, PDP10, 2 1/2 D Memory
    W014A* Digit Stack Connector, PDP10, 2 1/2 D Memory, modified W015 layout
    W017A* B* Drive Cable Connector, PDP9 Memory
    W018A* Cable Connector for Indicator Amplifiers (with diodes)
    W020A* B X Indicator Cable Conn,. 18 ribbon cable, 1.5K resistors (another)
    W021A B X Signal Cable Conn., 19 wire ribbon, D, E, H, K, M, P, S, T, V hot, 10 grounds: C, F, J, L, N, R, U
    W022W021 with 100 ohm shunt terminators
    W023A X 18 Line Ribbon Connector, component spaces near A & B, others straight through
    W024X Coax Connector, 16-signals, split lug, short
    W025A B* X 32 Split Lugs, 4 slots, double size, Memory Paddle used for W075
    W026B X 18 Split Lugs, diode and resistor termination
    W027Ribbon Cable Connector, 18 Signals with 3Kohm resistors, split lugs
    W028A C* X W021 with lugs for series of shunt resistors or diodes in signal leads
    W031Flat Mylar Cable Connector, 9 Signals, 9 Grounds, short single
    W032A* B X 5 shielded triples, DEC Tape Signal Connector, double
    W033A* B* C X Flexprint, W023 connections, side entry cable
    W034D H X Flexprint, 16 connections on "B" side 10 ohms on A2, B2
    W035A* Cable Connector
    W040B X 2 Solenoid Drivers, 2 Inputs plus a node, 0.6A max, similar to 4113 + 4681
    W04210 Amp Driver (double height, double width)
    W0432 Solenoid Drivers, 2 Inputs plus a node, 2.0A max, similar to W040
    W050B C X 7 Indicator/Solenoid Drivers, 30mA -20V max (another)
    W051A* C* D X 7 Indicator/Solenoid Drivers, 100mA -15V max (another)
    W061B C X 4 Relay Drivers, 250mA +55V max
    W070A* C X Teletype Cable Connector, PDP8, PT08
    W072A* LINC-8 Scope Cable Connector
    W073A* LINC-8 Tape Cable Connector
    W076B D X Teletype Connector, from Positive Logic 8/I, logic equivalent to W070
    W078A* W076 with AMP connector instead of cable
    W080Isolated AC/DC Switch
    W100A* Emitter Follower
    W101A B X I/O Bus Driver, similar to 4657
    W102J Memory Bus Transceiver, 1665 type
    W103C D* X Device Selector, PDP8, double
    W104A* C X PDP-9 I/O Bus Module (double)
    W106D* Priority Interrupt Grant
    W107A* B X I/O Receiver, PDP10, 7 channels
    W108A* C X Bipolar Decoding Driver, double
    W122F* Pulsed Bus Transceiver, pin compatible with W102 & W112, positive logic in, -bus, -logic out
    W123C X Device Selector (double)
    W132D* Memory Bus Transceiver, KI10, negative bus, 4 circuits, similar to W102
    W250A* B* 12 Indicator Drivers, flex print, ground & -15V from male end
    W300B* C Tapped 800ns Delay Lines with 50ns taps, 3 Output Amplifiers, replaced by W301
    W301C* Tapped 800ns Delay Lines with 50ns taps, W300 pins, different input loading and improved margins
    W404C X DTR Jumper (2.5" length)
    W500A X High Impedance Follower, 7 circuits
    W501C+ D F X Schmitt Trigger, +/-10V in, 0 and -3V out (another)
    W5022 Photon Coupled Triggers
    W504A X Initial Transient Detector, A Schmitt, 0 delay, 10ms blackout
    W505B* Low Voltage Detector, measures +10V & -15V
    W506C E X Power Monitor
    W507B* Low Voltage Detector, ME10, measures +5, +5, -15, -15, all reg, -15, +10 unreg, double
    W509F* 3 phase AC Low Voltage Detector
    W510B* Positive Level Converter, 3 circuits, thresholds of 0, +1 or +2V; 0 & -3V out
    W511A X Negative Level Converter, 2 circuits, thresholds of 0, -1, -2V, -3V; 0 & -3V out
    W512A X Positive Level Converter, 7 circuits, thresholds of +1.6 or 0.8V for use with TTL; 0 & -3V out
    W513F* Negative Level Converter, 6 circuits, used in TU55
    W514A* Positive Level Converter, 6 circuits, 100 ohm input
    W519E* Power Sequence & Crowbar
    W520B X Comparator, 3 differential circuits, 100mV resolution, like 1501 level converter
    W532B X Dual AC coupled Sense Amplifier, used on PDP8-S
    W533A X Dual Rectifying Slicer, was G803
    W590IBM N Line to DEC converter
    W591A* Positive Bus to DEC converter, for Memorex, 0 to +3V, 8 MC, 5 channels, W592 pins
    W592A* IBM 360 Bus to DEC Converter (non-inverting)
    W600A X Negative Level Amplifier, like 1667, 3 inverting circuits
    W601A* D X Positive Level Amplifier, 3 inverting circuits
    W602A X Bipolar Level Amplifier, 3 circuits, EIA Line Interfacer
    W603A B X Positive Level Amplifier, 7 circuits
    W607B D* 3 Pulse Converters, positive or negative, 70ns 2.5V pulse out
    W612C* D* Dual Pulse Amplifier, B602 pins, 120 & 320ns, Diode Output for "OR" Bus
    W640D H* J 3 Pulse Converters, positive or negative, 400ns or 1us, 2.5V pulse out (another)
    W681A X Scope Intensifier for 34 Display
    W682A X Scope Intensifier, 0 to +3V step, delay 50 to 300ns, 400ns pulse (for VR12 & VR14)
    W684H+ Unblank Amplifier and 8 Level Intensity Control
    W690DEC to IBM N Line Converter
    W692B* DEC to IBM 360 Bus Driver
    W693C* DEC to CTUL Converter
    W700A B X Switch Filter, 6 circuits, similar to 1703, used on W710 (another)
    W701A+ Input Network, for PDP8 Card Reader
    W702A+ Teletype Level Converter for DC10B Data Line Scanner
    W7040B+ Diode Cluster
    W705A B* X 3.6V Power Supply, triple width
    W706C E+ Teletype Receiver, 8-bit, 11 Unit Codes, double
    W707E+ F H L P Teletype Transmitter, 8 bit, 2 unit stop code, double
    W708A+ Teletype Communications Interface
    W709Divide by 16/64 Counter
    W714A+ Switch Module, 2 form C micro-switches, no circuits, 9/I memory
    W726B+ 4 DC & 3 Differentiating Switch Filters, for positive logic, TU10
    W800B+ 2 Form A Reed Relays, similar to 1803
    W802A+ Relay Multiplexer, 8 Reed Relays, double
    W808B* 2-2 Form A, 1/8 Amp 250V Relays
    W841C* 1/2 W851 for 9 Coax
    W850A* C* D* Connector, 2 double boards with W021 layout, frame, hold-down screw
    W851D* E* Connector, similar to W850, W851 is card & components, BC10 is assembly & cable
    W852B* C* D* E* W851 with no components, used in BC10C-xx, uses W851 board
    W900C+ Multilayer Extender, long double
    W940Wire Wrappable Module, 50x 16 pin, extended quad
    W941Wire Wrappable Module, 25x 16 pin, extended double
    W942Wire Wrappable Module, 50x 16 pin, with sockets, extended quad
    W943Wire Wrappable Module, 25x 16 pin, with sockets, extended double
    W950Wire Wrappable Module, 30x 16 pin, 8x 24 pin, extended quad
    W951Wire Wrappable Module, 15x 16 pin, 4x 24 pin, extended double
    W952B+ Wire Wrappable Module, 30x 16 pin, 8x 24 pin, with sockets, extended quad
    W953Wire Wrappable Module, 15x 16 pin, 4x 24 pin, with sockets, extended double
    W960A+ MSI Mounting Board (2 14-16 pin or 1 24 pin, all pins brought out)
    W964B+ Blank Universal Terminator, 28 pins, single 5", 50-09733 etch
    W966Wire Wrappable Module, 42x 16 pin, 72 terminal fingers, I/O header, extended quad
    W967Wire Wrappable Module, 42x 16 pin, 72 terminal fingers, I/O header, with sockets, extended quad
    W968Collage Mounting Board, 72x 16 pin, extended quad
    W969Collage Mounting Board, 36x 16 pin, extended double
    W970A+ Bare Board, 36 pins, no split lugs, similar to W990
    W971Bare board, 72 pins, no lugs, similar to W991, double
    W972Copper Clad, 36 pins, similar to W992
    W9720Copper clad board, both sides, extended single
    W9721Copper clad board, both sides, extended double
    W9722Copper clad board, both sides, extended quad
    W973Bare Board, 72 pins, copper clad, similar to W993, double
    W974A+ Perforated single height board, 36 pins, 0.1" grid, contacts only
    W975Perforated double height board, 72 pins, 0.1" grid, contacts only
    W979C+ Collage Mounting Board, 18x 16 pin, double
    W980Module Extender, single sided
    W982Module Extender, double sided
    W983A+ Module Extender, double height double sided
    W984Module Extender, extended double
    W985System Module Adapter
    W987Module Extender, extended quad
    W990D E+ X Blank Module, split lug for each of 18 pins
    W991Bare board, split lugs, 36 pins, double
    W992A+ B+ Copper clad, 18 pins
    W993A+ Copper clad, 36 pins, double
    W994A+ Perforated Module, 0.2" centers, 18 lands
    W995Perforated Module, 0.2" centers, 36 lands, double
    W998Perforated single height board, 18 pins, 0.1" grid, contacts only
    W999A+ Perforated double height board, 36 pins, 0.1" grid, contacts only