Logic Lab

I have a couple of these lab panels (H901).

Here's a couple of pictures of one:

A lab panel racked, with banana plug adapters.

The back side of a panel, where the flip-chips go.

These are pretty cool, and apparently were used to build the first prototype of a PDP-8/S. You insert flip-chips in the back, then wire them up with patch-cords on the front. There are logic diagrams on the datasheets for the flip-chips (I should scan mine, someday), which fit in the gaps on the front to remind you which pins do what on that flip-chip.

Their main drawback is that the sockets are single-sided. That means they work with most of the older Rxxx, Sxxx, Wxxx modules, but only a small minority of the newer Mxxx.

I'd love to get ahold of some of the "911" patch-cords for these.

Last updated on 02/25/23 02:21