Paper Tape Images

Tape Categories:

Hello, and welcome to my tape archive.

The various sub-directories have various tape images in them,using what I hope is a fairly obvious system.

The actual tape images themselves come as a set of related files:

The tape image itself generally has no extension. File names that end in "-pb" should be in BIN format, "-pm" is for RIM format, "-pa" is for PAL source code, and "-ft" is for FORTRAN source code.
There will always be a .od for every tape image, which contains a human readable octal dump of the tape image.
If the file looks like it most likely contains text, there will be a .txt file, which contains the ASCII text, with nulls stripped out, and the eighth bit forced off, which is usually necessary for the text to display properly with modern equipment.

Vince Slyngstad


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