RL02 Drive Numbers

I suggested I could make RL01/RL02 drive select keys, because they have a simple shape, and don't need added coloring. A while later, a bunch of people indicated a need for these, so I gave it a try. The first attempt:

The "zero" and a (broken) "one". The blueish thing is part of the mold,inserted into the part to keep the drive select pins straight while the curing continues. I have also colored in the "0" and "READY" with a permanent marker.

Here I've turned them around, so you can see the other side of each. Notice that I broke off one of the pins of the "one". You can also see where a mold defect has marred the appearance of the pin on this side.

A side view, showing one of the side pins. It should be noted that these are not quite the same translucency of the originals (but they will pass light).

The other side, showing the other side pin. You can also see a puckered area on the face of the key, caused by a thin spot in the mold (which developed a puncture).

If there is interest in these, I'd have to make another (more robust) mold, which takes a couple of days, and start casting parts. Each casting takes about 3 hours to set up well enough to remove from the mold.

Last updated on 12/20/11 09:11