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This is an archive of System Industries software titles.

At the moment all that is here is some documentation about the SI 3040 disk controller and versions of it's diagnostic.

Disk Controller Documentation
si-si3040-1-3.pdf(PDF write-up)
Disk Diagnostic, March 1972
si-si3040-diag-3-3-72.bin(BIN format)
si-si3040-diag-3-3-72.bin.lbl.jpg(Tape label)
si-si3040-diag-3-3-72.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
Disk Diagnostic, July 1972
si-si3040-diag-7-10-72.bin(BIN format)
si-si3040-diag-7-10-72.bin.lbl.jpg(Tape label)
si-si3040-diag-7-10-72.bin.od(BIN format in octal)
Disk Diagnostic, September 1973
si-si3040-diag-9-12-73.bin(BIN format)
si-si3040-diag-9-12-73.lst(PAL listing)
si-si3040-diag-9-12-73.pal(PAL source)
si-si3040-diag-9-12-73.pdf(PDF write-up)

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