VT78 Computers

I the "word processing" version of the VT78, so it has the "WT/78 word terminal" badge:

My WT78.

These were also sometimes called Decstation 78's, though that name is confusing as later there was a whole other line of DEC gear called Decstations. They are a predecessor to the Decmates.

I haven't really done anything with mine yet. I believe they originally came with an dual RX01 tower, similar to the RX02 tower I have for one of my Decmates.

The VT78 uses the Intersil 6100 PDP-8 on a chip, running a little slow so they could use slower RAM chips. (Decmates used the H6120, which is faster and has an on-chip MMU.) It is built into a VT52 terminal chassis.

Here is a better picture, of David Gesswein's VT78, from http://www.pdp8.net/vt78/vt78.shtml. It shows a clearer view of the front, and a bit of the tower it is sitting on, which houses two 8 inch floppy drives.

Dave's VT78.

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